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Courses or resources for learning about horses for dd10

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Mugginscake · 07/09/2023 14:03

She already does pony club and is collecting her badges she also has her own pony but she’s wants to learn more. I know she is only 10 but she’s completely infatuated and has big plans for a horsey future. Are there any good resources out there for her to learn more. She has loads of books but the way she describes it she likes to learn something and do a quiz (so something semi structured and interactive). Thanks

OP posts:
twistyizzy · 07/09/2023 15:14

Is she doing the Pony Club tests as well as the badges? Try the PC website, they may have some more interactive resources. I would be careful about online unless accredited by BHS/PC as you want to make sure she has reliable and accurate sources of information.

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