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Anyone knowledgeable about nutrition? Feed balancers

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LadyoftheLavaLamp · 03/09/2023 08:31

The only info / advice channels I can see are from feed companies, which are obviously not independent

I currently feed handful of chaff plus vitamin and mineral supplement to my good doers. what would be the difference on feeding a low cal balancer?

OP posts:
twistyizzy · 03/09/2023 08:52

A balancer is a concentrated complete feed that provides a ration of protein, vits + minerals which can be useful for good doers as you only feed a small amount. Most people however add a small amount of chaff as a carrier/appetiser.
You would need to compare the nutrient value of your current vit/min mix and compare to a low cal balancer.
Clare Mcleod is an independent equine nutritionist and has a Facebook page where she posts almost daily so it is an excellent source of information.

LadyoftheLavaLamp · 03/09/2023 12:23

Fantastic thanks so much!

OP posts:
liveforsummer · 04/09/2023 20:41

Very much easier and more palatable to feed a balancer which you can tailor to your horse. A load of powder isn't ideal in a small amount of chaff that you'd feed a good doer. I swear by blue chip. I used the original on my off track TB when it first came out and was pretty much the only balancer and use the lami light now on my Welsh cross who doesn't have the strongest feet. I like that they have pro biotics as well as in our case hoof strengthening- others on the yard use the calming one.

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