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VincentofJazz · 20/08/2023 08:54

My DD has loaned a horse at our local yard for over a year. It’s a mutual agreement with the owner so no contract in place. I have spoken with the yard manager who has said that, if she is on the premisses, my DD can go to the yard to be dropped off under her supervision. I would like to get some riders/yard insurance for my DD to cover her, but also protect the yard (who will have their own insurance, but asked that I also get cover). Can anyone recommend the most comprehensive insurance. Should I sign up to BHS? It’s a bit more expensive that others and not sure what extra it gives me. Thanks

OP posts:
twistyizzy · 20/08/2023 10:05

If she is loaning a horse then she should already have public liability + personal accident cover? If she doesn't have these then get them ASAP to cover her when she is riding, if the horse causes damage whilst she is riding it eg property/fencing etc then she would be liable.
These should also cover her for working on the yard but you would need to speak to the insurance company to double check. I would also check exactly what insurance the yard owner has in place. The most severe accidents I've ever seen are from handling horses on the ground ie being trampled on, kicked in the head etc.
BHS is a good one but also Harry Hall also offer insurance. Again speak to them and check what they cover.

Express0 · 20/08/2023 10:12

It’s worth spending on the BHS insurance. Also you are a bit naive in not having a contract.

VincentofJazz · 20/08/2023 17:31

Thanks I went with BHS - I did say about a contract when we started the loan but it never really happened. The owner of our loan horse has 5 others on the yard and is always there when we are- she has been amazing at teaching the ropes and we never take the horse out/jump without her permission so I guess she feels a contract is not needed?? It works well for both of us as my DD has lessons to ride her loan horse and others on the yard, this is more of the stable management and care of a horse- she is desperate for her own and we both didn’t have a clue so this year+ of having our gorgeous gelding had been invaluable for experience. Glad I’ve got the insurance sorted though- only £68. Thanks for the advice x

OP posts:
Express0 · 20/08/2023 18:34

What would happen if your daughter was riding and the did a tendon or went lame? Who would be responsible for the vet bill.
Who is responsible for wear and tear on tack? Who would buy a new bridle if a strap broke etc.
It’s the sort of thing which is covered in a contract. To protect both the owner and the loaner.

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