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Sharing - How much would you pay for ?

7 replies

Flossiefoo · 12/04/2023 01:33

Share arrangement:

1-2 days (incl 1 day at weekend)
Really nice, well mannered, safe horse
Established on flat/ jumping
Opportunity to compete occasionally
Full livery, no chores
Super facilities
Great hacking
Oxon/ Berks border

OP posts:
Pleasedontdothat · 12/04/2023 07:19

Are you offering the share on your horse? If so, it depends on why you need a sharer. If it’s to help with costs then a proportion of what it costs you to keep the horse - ie if your livery is £140 a week (simple figure for illustration purposes) then around £20-£30 per day would be a help. However if it’s because your horse needs schooling and/or exercise and you need a good rider who’ll be able to improve the horse then you might need to look at paying a freelance instead.

HighHeelsHurt · 12/04/2023 07:29

I am a sharer of the same type of horse- although not on full livery so we need to do all the jobs (which I love!) I pay £30 a week. I’m in the South.

liveforsummer · 12/04/2023 07:36

The horses/ponies on my yard are £30/45 a week. The one you describe would be at the higher rate but it's a lot more flexible - 3 days, which is more normal from what I see on adverts but realistically you could come up every day if you wished but you need to do chores. 1/2 days on full livery maybe £25 max

CleaningOutMyCloset · 12/04/2023 07:38

Near me it's usually about £20 a week for a few days a week loan, the loaner would be expected to do some yard work too when they are there, plus have insurance. All vet fees, food , livery and upkeep would be paid for by the owner.

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 12/04/2023 08:24

I charge £10 a day but expect a few chores done (nothing major - do a haynet, make that evenings feed, that sort of thing) maybe £15 a day if there’s no chores at all

theferry · 12/04/2023 10:23

I paid £35 for three days on Scotland. Had to do all stable chores on those days. A wonderful TB mare who was a delight to ride.

maxelly · 12/04/2023 14:12

Yes for 1 day a week no jobs/nice facilities in that part of the world I think I would expect to pay around £75-£100 per month, for 2 days maybe around £150-£175. Although agree that you could look at your livery bill and charge 1/7th or 2/7th of that which knowing some of the yards around there might make it significantly more!

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