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Fed up. - anyone else care to join my moans?

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FTMFML · 14/01/2023 11:10

I'm just having a moan really. I wonder if anyone feels the same? Add your moans!

I'm fed up of the mud....the rain... I'm fed up of the horses being soaked... I'm fed up of not having the time or motivation to ride... I'm fed up of having to sort my fencing... I'm fed up of them chewing my fencing... breaking through electric fencing... scratching on the gates and bending them... I'm fed up of the dark... fed up of them tipping over water buckets... fed up of them running through their poo making it impossible to pick up... fed up of everything looking so messy and disorganised... fed up of the dog choosing to poo on the path down to the stables.....

Anyone else?

OP posts:
maxelly · 14/01/2023 11:40

Urgh, yes, this time of year is the pits. The mud, everywhere, the rain, the cold, the lack of decent turnout, the fact my car's perpetually filthy (I mean, it's not spotless at the best of times but I think there might actually be more horse hair and straw in there than car right now), the poo picking in the dark with a head torch sliding around a muddy field and wondering how long it would take someone to find you if you fell over and broke a hip...

The constantly flooded arena meaning 0-dark-30 starts or late evening finishes if you want a chance of riding without falling over 10,000 kiddies on their ponies in the indoor, no chance of weekday hacking - endless yard politics that despite my long term principled stance of never involving myself everyone seems to want to tell me about in great detail and persist in thinking I want to offer an opinion (take the hint please, I don't, I just want to get on with mucking out as fast as humanly possible and go home to peel off my michelin man style layers before I'm soaked to the skin, I don't care about what so-and-so said about your horse and what they might have been implying and what you're thinking of saying back) - so can't wait for summer when everyone (including me!) is in a better, more tolerant mood, when we can all think and chat about shows and fun rides and long hacks and holidays rather than who hasn't swept the yard this morning, again...

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 14/01/2023 12:50

This is why I’m on full livery… Just fuck this time of year. It’s awful. I got completely stuck in calf depth mud at a gate once.
Many years ago I used to work on a racing yard and hand walking horses out of ridden work in driving rain and high winds…. Urg. Never again.

Greatly · 14/01/2023 13:29

Mine are at home. On clay. It's fucking awful. Plus dd's horse has decided his legs are going to fill if he's kept in at night. And I have a 600+ vets bill. And I can't drive to the stables and feed room in this weather because the fields are too wet, so I have to push everything up in a barrow. Dd and her horse are competing tomorrow and if he's a knob I think I might cry.

FTMFML · 14/01/2023 15:36

Your vents are making me feel validated and much better.. sorry about your vets bill @Greatly that's a kicker!

OP posts:
MaverickGooseGoose · 14/01/2023 15:40

I'm fed up of the mud the kids bring home from the yard, and the bloody hair in the washing machine!

calico13 · 14/01/2023 21:12

Can I join?
I hate it. Mud everywhere the car is mud, the inside is mud, the pony is just covered in mud. I can't be bothered to groom it's too grim I can't even get it off.
To top it off the hose at the yard broke so I can't hose his legs to dry every so often over night. I hate it. I'm not enjoying it. I don't get to ride my own horse. The yard politics are awful and the pony is a twat.
I've had horses almost 20 years and I'm finally thinking that there is more to life than winters like this.
But I love them too much to sell them.

FTMFML · 14/01/2023 21:41

@calico13 the loving them too much to sell rings very true here too!

OP posts:
OldSpeclkledHen · 14/01/2023 22:05

You are right! We are completely bonkers!

Bloody mud.

But when she whickers at me when me arrive at the yard ... (I know its cupboard love 😂) it still melts my heart (even after 20 years)

Coppercreek1 · 14/01/2023 22:15

We have had no turnout since early December due to the fields being so waterlogged.

So I am fed up of mucking out and having scare with death each time my daighter rides!

TrainspottingWelsh · 14/01/2023 22:33

I don’t mind mud, or rain, or mucking out, or horses being idiots, wet rugs, ice, snow, frozen outdoor taps or anything similar. But I fucking loathe and despise fencing. I can’t even blame the horses because they haven’t wrecked it, but wooden posts and swamp conditions aren’t a good combination.
This spring is definitely going to be the year I plant a hedge in that section, and this time I definitely won’t postpone it yet again

FTMFML · 14/01/2023 22:37

@Coppercreek1 sorry to hear about the lack of turnout, on a positive at least their legs will be clean!

OP posts:
ToddlerTerror · 14/01/2023 22:43

I'll join. I bloody hate this time of year. It's not helped that I have one recovering from kissing spine surgery and the other has decided to slice their pastern so I don't even have the pleasure of riding at the moment.
I'm lucky that mine are on an all weather turnout area at home but they have been off the field since the beginning of November (clay and hill means serious slipping and risk of injury) and I feel so sorry for them. It must be so boring being stuck in the same area for weeks on end in the pouring rain but at least there is no mud.
At the moment, I run out in the morning and spend the grand total of 10 mins with them in the dark and then the same in the evening. If they are lucky, they get a carrot in my lunch break.
Counting down the days until spring!!!

HighlandCowbag · 14/01/2023 22:50

It was almost light at 5pm tonight tho. And some trees have tiny buds on. And acorns have fucked off. And mud is better than ice. And we must think of the Christmas calories we are burning in the cold and trudging.

FTMFML · 15/01/2023 07:56

@HighlandCowbag can't wait for those lighter nights... we are definitely burning those roses off! @ToddlerTerror sorry to hear yours are injured. I also get them done as quickly as i can... feels abiy neglectful at times but this weather is poo. 50mph winds last night and driving rain.... my favourite!

OP posts:
WildFlowerBees · 15/01/2023 08:34

I got stuck in the mud at the gate entrance putting a headcollar on, she thought it would be hilarious to give me a shove and watch me fall over backwards. I miss her! Now have 2 hairy boys who love nothing more than rolling, can't even find themselves a grassy patch just stop drop and roll in the wettest mud. I'll be glad when spring arrives and we start drying out!

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