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London Horse Show

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Passthecoffee · 11/10/2022 19:43

Is anyone going, or has anyone been in previous years that can offer any hints/tips/advice.

Currently costing it up for 2adults & 2 children. We'll also need 3 nights accommodation so trying to find a cost effective option. If we stay close to the excel is there shops (convenience) & restaurants around or is it pretty commercial?

Is the overall experience worth it? My two kids are starting to compete on ponies and hubby competed in his youth too so the immediate interest is there.

Would love to hear thoughts on people who've been or who are thinking of going.


OP posts:
maxelly · 11/10/2022 23:39

Hello, can I check, why 3 days accommodation, are you thinking of doing the whole 5 days of the show or would this be as part of a wider London trip? I love the London show, IMO what it's lost in terms of intimacy and atmosphere from the 'old' Olympia it's gained from functional facilities and infrastructure which could be a bit variable previously. It's def a must do at some point if you have horsey kids. However (and this is just my opinion) I'm not sure I'd ever do the full 5 days in one go, however keen the kids, as so much of the programme is repetition, there's some form of dog agility a few times a day, the shetland pony racers every day, the special rides are repeated through the week and father christmas is the same every day, and although the actual SJ varies and there are different classes of course, I still think primary-age kids would struggle to sit through more than one full evening class at a time. Of course the shopping is great but again, I don't think I'd need more than 1 day max to cover it all (TBF I'm not a big shopper). So I think if cost is an issue I'd stick to one or two days of the show (pick the best days, puissance is great, or the grand prix day at the end, and maybe see if you can see some of the kids classes featuring kids close to the ages of yours, so inspiring for them), and if you have longer in London maybe do some other London activities as well (museums/parks/London eye/theatre/zoo/river tour all great)?

In terms of area, around the Excel is fine, there is def infrastructure/life, shops/cafes/restaurants etc but it's a little...meh? Very modern and newly developed and doesn't feel like 'London' to me, could be any modern part of a city if you know what I mean? However the DLR is very convenient and easy so you can easily hop into central London from there, or vice versa if you stay somewhere a little more central it won't be hard to get out to the show?

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 12/10/2022 09:23

The area immediately around Excel is quite deprived and personally I’d want to stay elsewhere.
On the show it’s great but I wouldn’t go for more than one or two sittings, as agree the entertainment is a bit samey.
Puissance or six bar is best for kids I think!

Shopping is ok but not as brilliant as it once was. You used to be able to get some amazing bargains.
Personally as a puritan who wants to watch “sport” I prefer HOYS, but it’s fun for kids I just wouldn’t make a week of it!

Passthecoffee · 12/10/2022 09:24

@maxelly Thank You so much for you reply, with really useful info. Our plan would be to arrive in London on Friday Afternoon/Evening and then do the show for all day Saturday & then Sunday Afternoon. We've had a good look at the schedule and that's when the performances we would like to see are on. We were also debating the Sunday Evening performance but at a closer look I don't think it's worth the extra money when we're there all day Saturday anyway. So as not to rush on the Sunday evening we would also stay in London on Sunday night and travel home Monday morning. From what you've said it would make more sense to stay somewhere central in London and then travel to and from the Excel. We could then do other London stuff on the Friday & Sunday evenings.

Thanks so much

OP posts:
Ohambassador · 20/09/2023 16:52

Did you go OP? Considering booking for this year with my 10 year old dd

Passthecoffee · 20/09/2023 17:20

@Ohambassador yes we went last year and it was a brilliant weekend. We had tickets for Saturday and Sunday afternoon performances which also allowed you access to the morning performance as well. I did worry incase the kids got bored with the showjumping (9&10 at the time) but they really enjoyed it. If you're going to the live zone I would advise you to be there about 40 minutes before it's scheduled to start if you want a seat.
Shopping fab - food places not that overly great with long queues at peak times but that's to be expected. I would love to be heading back this year. Honestly had a great time.

OP posts:
Ohambassador · 20/09/2023 18:21

Wonderful thanks

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