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Cost to send horse away schooling...

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Enduraflower · 05/10/2022 11:35

I want to send my 6 year old TB away for a months professional schooling. Been quoted £1800 per month for full care and 6 days a week training... Seems extremely expensive. Is this the going rate these days?

OP posts:
Lastqueenofscotland2 · 05/10/2022 12:25

Honestly the ones that are cheap you don’t want doing it. £1800 is less than £500 a week that seems incredibly reasonable to me.

Pleasedontdothat · 05/10/2022 12:42

Hmmm that does seem quite expensive but it will a) depend on where you are and b) who’s going to be doing the bulk of the training.

To give you some perspective, the pro eventing yards I know charge £800 (Herefordshire) and £950 (Oxfordshire).

At most yards, the pro will not be the only person riding your horse - quite a large proportion of schooling will be done by grooms/apprentices so the standard of riding can vary a lot. If you’ve stipulated that only the pro should ride your horse then that could push the price up.

mindutopia · 05/10/2022 14:35

I would guess that sounds about right. I am looking to send mine away to be backed eventually and I believe it's about £400 per week.

Pleasedontdothat · 05/10/2022 14:52

The other thing that puts up the cost is taking the horse out to arena hires or competing as that all adds up pretty quickly

Jknow · 08/10/2022 21:51

Crikey. I know of two places locally, both competition yards, that do schooling livery. Cost at both is £140 per week, which includes full livery and schooling every day. South west.

ChrisTrepidation · 12/10/2022 07:53

I'm sending my colt away to break to drive next month. The place he's going to charges £150 a week for breaking to ride and/or drive.

They come well recommended and have a great reputation. I am in the North east though so obviously everything is that bit cheaper.

twistyizzy · 12/10/2022 07:57

It depends what that training involves ie just 1 schooling session per day OR is it hacking + schooling + competing/seeing the world? For the former I would say that is a lot but for the latter I would say it is fair although it also depends on the experiemce and qualifications pf the person doing the schooling. Will also depend whereabout in the country it is.

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