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Le mieux sizing (young rider)

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liveforsummer · 31/07/2022 21:35

I'm sure I've posted about similar before but I'm trying to be organised for Xmas and this is a bit different. Wondering what the young rider range is like for sizing? Dd9 has some 11-12 le mieux mini which although fits is very neat, she also has some adult size xxs/4 base layers which although a bit looser certainly still look fine. Buying ahead for Xmas id like things that will last, so tempted based on the mini range to size up to 13-14 but wondering if it's more generously sized. Size charts online don't give comparisons that I can find. Any experience out there? I know the mini saddle pads are absolutely tiny so not sure if it's just that range

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giraffeski · 13/08/2022 22:11

I buy the riding tights from that range for DD(9) and I would say they come up slightly small, she's currently in the 9-10 and they are small on her but she is tall and skinny for her age, most other brands in same size are big on the waist and legs for her but we have to buy for the length.
I do like them though, they are a nice tidy fit and flattering look. I did also buy some beige ones for pony club but they’ve marked badly with grass stains so I’ll be sticking to the cottony ones I can get the stains out of in future as she climbs fences and all sorts in them 🙄
I wish they made them in a white as I can’t find a nice fitting white tight for dressage, they are either too tight or ridiculously baggy on her.

liveforsummer · 13/08/2022 22:21

Thanks @giraffeski I guess as a brand it must come up small so I'll size up with the hoodies etc. I can possibly help with the white tights dilemma - had a nightmare with Dd1 finding anything that wasn't either too small in the smaller size so wouldn't pull up or huge at the waist. I lost control of how many I sent back, even made a post on here but didn't solve it. Finally stumbled upon eqcouture and finally we slim long leg tights. They do pure white too. Dd is 12 so I ordered the xxs adults but they do her a kids range which hopefully is the same

OP posts:
giraffeski · 14/08/2022 16:37

Thanks for the tip- will try those! Currently in too loose Dublin tights but will have a look as winter league will be starting in September!Oh

IcklePickle8 · 15/08/2022 19:22

@liveforsummer I’ll be interested to see what size you end up getting 😁 My DD9 hasn’t any le mieux but has asked for some for Christmas. Also, looking out for any price reductions. Would be good to have a post on general horsey gifts for Christmas

liveforsummer · 16/08/2022 07:10

@IcklePickle8 we already have quite a lot but only base layers and silks. dd9 is obsessed 🙈We just hadn't tried the junior range. So far we have mini and adult. In the end I ordered the 13-14 base layer and hoodie. Obviously not tried on as getting put away for Xmas but I held it against the XXS adult size and looked pretty much the same. The good thing is they are super stretchy and don't look terrible if not skin tight so you can get away with sizing up which I like because at that price I'd like them to last 😆. Here's an idea of sizing - for context those ponies are 10.2 and 11.2 so dd isn't huge for 9. The orangey one is age 11-12 from the mini range. That colour plus the other summer colours are currently on sale but have been for a while so not sure how easy it will be to get sizes. I'd always go with a online saddlers rather than direct with le mieux as they discount sooner. The blue colour is the adults XXS.

Le mieux sizing (young rider)
Le mieux sizing (young rider)
OP posts:
IcklePickle8 · 16/08/2022 22:00

Thank you @liveforsummer I would have been clueless without your advice. Ponies look very cute 😍

giraffeski · 21/09/2022 20:53

By the way @liveforsummer thanks for the tip, the eqcouture tights were perfect!

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