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Cobwebs ... huge ones

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foxlover47 · 25/07/2022 20:57

Nothing life threatening of course but my horses new livery yard is very very old and has the most gigantic cobwebs .... everywhere
They look older than me !!
Apart form spending the next few weeks with several brooms brushing as much down and away as I can , anyone have any advice ?
My daughter is a sever arachnophobe and loses her mind anytime she sees the place 🙈🙈🤣

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Pleasedontdothat · 26/07/2022 06:46

We had this when moving onto a yard a while back - and my daughter also has a massive fear of spiders.

We weren’t allowed to use a pressure washer )would that be an option for you?) so I just had to woman up, don overalls, put a dust mask on and attach them with a sturdy broom. It was better to do it all at once before moving horse and putting bedding down. It wasn’t fun but doable.

Watch out for any signs of breathing problems once you move - lots of cobwebs are a sign that there’s not much movement of air in the stables. Would it be possible to increase airflow at all? We persuaded our yard owner to cut another window in the side of the stable which helped

Pleasedontdothat · 26/07/2022 06:47

Attack not attach 🙄

foxlover47 · 26/07/2022 07:30

Ah yes I don't think we would be allowed to do that either !
I didn't even consider that about the air flow thank you , it is a very closed in block so I will have to check that again
Oh god I'm not scared of them but I haven't seen webs that big ! Honestly my daughter wouldn't come in the block I'll attach a photo of one of the stables

Cobwebs ... huge ones
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QuestionableMouse · 26/07/2022 20:07

Do you have a cordless stick hoover? I'd get them with that tbh. Knocking them down with a brush only stirs up all the dust.

Seriou · 27/07/2022 19:58

First thing I do with a new stable is pressure wash it with full beekeeper attire on.

I don’t know how other people can work with such massive, old, dusty cobwebs everywhere it’s disgusting.

tattychicken · 27/07/2022 20:00

I took my Henry Hoover down to the yard and hoovered them all up.

foxlover47 · 02/08/2022 22:14

@Seriou I agree I can't see how it's offered out in the state it's in , I would be getting it sorted before viewings etc

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foxlover47 · 02/08/2022 22:14

@QuestionableMouse I was worried about the dust

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foxlover47 · 02/08/2022 22:15

@tattychicken I am thinking I may have to do that as don't think I'll be allowed to pressure wash it

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