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Improving rein contact - special reins?

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FluffingMarvellous · 01/07/2022 10:42

Hi I have a nasty habit of slipping my reins gradually as I have very weak grip with both hands, particularly my left.

Are there any reins with really big stops that you can almost squeeze or block your hand with? The standard rubber / rein stop reins aren't enough - I still slip them. And multicolour reins work well as a visual aid but still don't help my grip and can't use them for dressage.

OP posts:
HappyGirlNow · 06/07/2022 15:36

Perhaps the stoppers on these aren’t as big as you were imagining but myself, husband and trainer all love these, they’re really grippy!

FlemishHorse · 11/07/2022 00:18

I’ve always been a big fan of laced reins, they’re a bit knubbly and don’t slip. Get the 3/4 inch chunky ones so you don’t have to close your hand too tight to grip them (unless you’ve got small hands - you can get slimmer ones). And always wear gloves!

horseymum · 12/07/2022 14:09

Are you doing bd affiliated dressage? If not, you should be able to use the coloured reins. If it's due to a disability, you could get classified so you can use the reins as a compensating aid in bd classes. You can also get looped reins. Also, have you thought about the grip between thumb and first finger being stronger to stop reins slipping as much. Do you lose your reins because your horse pulls? That could also affect you. There are some reins with elastic inserts which might help. Not everyone likes them due to contact issues though. I think it might be Alice reins, I'll look

FluffingMarvellous · 12/07/2022 14:25

@horseymum I do a lot of dressage but not affiliated, so would I be OK? No I lose them because I have very weak grip in both hands. Not an actual disability, but I drop things all the time etc too and it annoys my horse to have the contact slipping.

OP posts:
IseeScottishhills · 13/07/2022 13:57

Do you wear proper riding gloves with grippy palms ? Years ago I trained on a very strict yard where you weren’t allowed to ride unless you had proper riding gloves on if you were found riding without them you had to get off and either find some or not ride. I now always wear gloves but am amazed how many don’t.

Serenbunny · 13/07/2022 21:16

Try Alice reins/ladder reins They are used in RDA alot. Doubt they are BD legal unless you are para classified but worth checking.
Otherwise a grip trainer (most people are weaker on their non dominant hand) plus good quality leather/grippy gloves

HotDogKetchup · 13/07/2022 21:20

I absolutely loathe these but they were what popped to my mind for your issue. A bit more discreet than multi colours for your dressage.

FluffingMarvellous · 16/07/2022 10:04

Thank you all, I think its actually having something big and squeezy I need more than the colours as I don't have trouble knowing the correct length to hold - its the physical gripping tightly enough I struggle with. I've found something called Correct Connect Aaron Vale reins which look good but mega expensive and don't think dressage legal.

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