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mindutopia · 27/06/2022 17:25

Would you be able to recommend an insurance provider? This would be for a leisure riding horse, nothing fancy, he’ll mostly just be used for hacking. I’ve realised that since I last had a horse 15 years ago, the world has moved on and insurance options seem much more complicated.

OP posts:
Lastqueenofscotland2 · 27/06/2022 19:07

Personally as I would never put a horse through colic surgery and our vet does payment plans I don’t bother but everyone I know used NFU mutual. They are a bit more spendy that most but they never have an issue paying out

Mysa74 · 29/06/2022 05:37

I used to have named policies but the prices kept going up even though I never had cause to claim. My girls are older now and I too wouldn't have ever put them through colic surgery, and I've seen my friends pushed into extra treatments as "the insurance will cover it" only to end up with more and more of the horse excluded on the policy... I started putting the money in a bank account instead so that I've an emergency fund just incase. I have only had to use it once when my grey impaled herself on a gate hook and still had spare money. I just have Harry hall gold now. It has my 3rd party and public liability and covers 2 or 4 horses depending on the option you choose.

DuesToTheDirt · 29/06/2022 17:44

I'm with NFU and had a claim a few years ago for 5k, which they paid.

I'm starting to ponder a change though as my horse insurance is more than my house insurance!

Astrak · 01/07/2022 11:44

NFU. More expensive but excellent service.

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