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Owning a horse in Norway

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NipLash · 18/02/2022 16:20

I moved to Norway from the UK, and it seems there are many differences in owning a horse here. I'm hoping there are some Norwegian Mumsnetters who can help me learn how things are done here. For example - I've seen horse shoes for sale in agricultural shops, do you buy the shoes then call out a farrier to fit them?
Can hardy Norwegian breeds like Dolehester live out all year round? (I'm in the south so not up in the mountains or anything).
Any other differences I should know about?
I went to a riding school to learn more, but unfortunately it was closing down so I only managed to ride there once and there's nowhere else nearby. I'm experienced in horse ownership in the UK, but here I'm stressing about the different terms for things, different expectations, and my lack of horse friends for support!
Thank you!

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Biddie191 · 03/03/2022 13:11

Probably your best bet is to join a local riding club, and find some local horsey facebook pages to get help and advice. Your feed merchants, vets or livery yards can hopefully point you in the right direction xx

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