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Uterus/ovary issues and colic?

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alloalloallo · 28/01/2022 14:49

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.

DD’s pony had colic earlier this week - all fine now.

While the vet was giving her an internal exam, she noticed that her uterus was “a bit weird”

Didn’t think too much of it at the time, but with hindsight, comments from others at our yard and a bit of Googling, I’m wondering if the “weird” uterus could be related.

End of November time a couple of people mentioned they’d seen pony laying down in the field a lot. I hadn’t seen her laying down at all, and after a few days she’d stopped doing it. She has always preferred to lay down out in the field rather than when she’s in her stable, so didn’t think too much of it.

Then Christmas time people mentioned she’d been laying down a lot again. Again, I didn’t see her at all and again it stopped after a couple of days.

Then this week we had colic - I was told she was laying down in the field a lot that afternoon and she didn’t seem quite right when I brought her in - nothing I could put my finger on, just odd vibes. Ate her tea but wasn’t very enthusiastic about it then went and laid down. Immediate alarm bells (she never lays down in her stable when people are still around), vet called.

All fine now, but there does seem to be a bit of a pattern with the periods of laying down .

Had a chat with our vet who says ovary/uterus problems can either cause colic or present as colic symptoms, but it is quite unusual and not to panic just yet, so I wondered if anyone else had any experience

I can’t say I’ve noticed her being in season over winter, but she’s not nasty or loopy when she’s in season anyway - usually the only way we really knew she was in season was when she was very flirty with the elderly gelding who shared her field, but he moved a few months ago and she’s now only out with other mares


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