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Sports bras

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Cecillie · 27/01/2022 22:47

Ok , humour me
Sure this has been done before but can't find it
Best bra for riding that doesn't give you a monoboob in a tight show jacket but also doesn't bounce .
Currently use normal bra plus zip front m and s high impact sports bra over the top. It cures the bounce but gives me a shelf chest. I'm quite short anyway and petite apart from the chest area so this makes me look a bit sack of potatoes like.
Am having a made to measure jacket as a special present and want to get bra sorted before I take measurements.
For reference I'm 34H
Thanks for any pointers

OP posts:
Cecillie · 28/01/2022 12:57

Shameless bump but I’ll add a cute pony picture, you can just see boob shelf effect as well

Sports bras
OP posts:
Polkadotties · 28/01/2022 15:46

Panache underwired. I’m a 32g. I hate the monoboob look and these don’t give you that. Really supportive as well.

Cecillie · 28/01/2022 22:19

Thank you
Have ordered one
Fingers crossed
Like the fact you can clip back straps together as find that an issue sometimes, happily cantering along and can feel one shoulder slipping off !

OP posts:
kittykarate · 29/01/2022 15:55

I like Panache and Freya Active underwired sports bras - they cause much less monoboob, as they separate rather than squish.

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