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BD vs unaffiliated

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LaPufalina · 27/12/2021 17:41

I did my first BD prelim competition today and my loan horse went the best he ever has for me. Judging by previous unaffiliated scores (around 65%-68%) I thought today would have got two 70%+ scores but I got about 62% and 63%.
Seems a big difference and I feel a bit deflated Sad is that about right for the difference?
I'm excluded from some venues' restricted prelims now because of previous scores so thought it was time to step up! Maybe not.

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LaPufalina · 13/01/2022 19:16

Ps puddles i did a little leg yield demo to my 5yo on our last hack and she looked unimpressed and said "but auntie X does it it trot" (auntie X being the breeder!) Hmm thanks kid!

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puddlesofmothers · 14/01/2022 05:19

There's nothing like being crushed by the innocence of a very sweet kid is there 🤣🤣🤣 - ground her immediately 🤣

LaPufalina · 14/01/2022 22:52

Grin good job she's cute!

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