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The tack room

fiowen45 · 19/12/2021 17:22

As a groom I personally prefer the bag as I find them easier and lighter to carry. And all the pockets keep stuff separate and easy to find

historyrocks · 19/12/2021 18:04

I am erring toward the bag as the box does look a bit heavy, although haven’t been able to look at it in person so don’t know if it is too heavy.

Good point about pockets.

OP posts:
XelaM · 19/12/2021 23:18

My daughter dreams of the box

historyrocks · 20/12/2021 09:12

Decided that the bag is now practical. No pockets in the box so I can see her scrabbling around trying to find a hoofpick underneath everything. It’s also significantly cheaper!

OP posts:
historyrocks · 20/12/2021 09:12

The bag is more practical.

OP posts:
ThePlumVan · 20/12/2021 21:22

The box is quite heavy empty so ho for the bag

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