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Le mieux mini sizing

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liveforsummer · 15/12/2021 08:11

As the title says - been conned in to a 'matchy matchy' set by dd who is 9 early next year. I'd say she average to slightly tall for her age and a bit more sturdy than her stick like sister. Does any one have any idea on how the sizing is. I get the feeling it's going to come up small and that ordering a 9-10 will be a waste and be grown out of promptly. Might be better with the 11-12 . Can anyone confirm??

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lastqueenofscotland · 15/12/2021 10:27

I don’t know about small but its a snug fit? If that makes sense. I’d personally go a size up. :)

liveforsummer · 15/12/2021 14:25

Thanks, I definitely thought that about the base layer but was less sure about the jacket. Have ordered my eldest the smallest adult one as the older girls colours were rubbish

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Josettegrey · 15/12/2021 17:55

My 9 year old wears an adults XXs

CJCreggsGoldfish · 15/12/2021 18:01

DD is a slim 10 year old. She still fits her 9-10 le mieux base layer, but also has an 11-12 and an adult xxs, neither of which look silly on her.

liveforsummer · 15/12/2021 18:35

I've ordered xxs for very slim dd12. Indus suspect it would be small hand have gone ahead and ordered the 11-12 jacket for dd (nearly) 9 as well as the 11-12 base layer. I suspect the stretchy ness of the base layer means that's less of an issue

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