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Riding school near-ish Chipping Norton for private lessons (for experienced rider)

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HornungTheHelpful · 16/11/2021 08:17

Hi, I'm looking for a riding school/trainer who will give private lessons on their own horses. Basically, I would like to help my sister get back into riding and get her some lessons for Christmas. She is experienced (had own horses growing up, on university riding team, experienced competitive rider, trained with Oliver Townend and Ian Woodhead) but has not ridden regularly for several years (maybe 6-ish). She's had a couple of attempts at finding a riding school but has not found anything where she hasn't just been riding in single file - i.e. not really much opportunity to work with the horses independently or to challenge her. She's not snobby about the quality of horses - they don't need to be superstars - but doesn't want just to be trotting from front to back of ride. Private lessons seem like a start, but would be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas of a place that might suit her? TIA.

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Polkadotties · 16/11/2021 10:32


Pleasedontdothat · 16/11/2021 12:27

Definitely Talland - they have some fabulous elite horses there and they’re used to training advanced/experienced riders. I’d have thought your sister would get much more out of less regular lessons there than weekly lessons at a normal riding school. The office team are very helpful so you could call and talk through what would be the best solution

JaffavsCookie · 16/11/2021 20:57

Agree either Talland or post approx location and we can maybe suggest places with decent hirelings or similar

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