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Any horsey stocking filler ideas?!

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Blinkingbatshit · 14/10/2021 18:08

Hello, DD12 is (like many others!) horse obsessed. She loans a pony at the local stables - I’m relatively clueless/out of practice so it’s the best was to do it. Obviously boots, jodhpurs etc are ‘big’ presents but does anyone have any good stocking filler ideas - I’m thinking some grooming bits & pieces (any advice as to what?) but has anyone got any other good suggestions? Thank you for any advice etc!

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lobsteroll · 14/10/2021 18:20

Nice long socks for riding in, a new silk for her riding hat, new gloves, for grooming kit you could get a a little set with a body brush, hoofpick, curry comb etc. If you just Google "basic grooming kit for horses" it will come up with some bundles.

Does she like reading fiction about horses? I don't know if there is anything better out these days (probably) but when I was younger I was obsessed with the Saddle Club books.

XelaM · 14/10/2021 18:23

My daughter is into everything by Lemieux. Apparently it's THEE thing to have. It's not cheap though, but you may be able yo find some cheaper products in their website

SpottyBumPony · 14/10/2021 18:24

How about some riding hat ear warmers

ear muffs

Blinkingbatshit · 14/10/2021 18:26

Ooooh these are all fab ideas - thank you all!!

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