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Girth recommendations for sensitive cob

9 replies

SamMil · 03/10/2021 15:25

My gypsy cob has been out of regular work for a while, due to my personal circumstances. He is quite sensitive around his girth (vet, back, saddle, teeth all checked regularly so ok as far as I know).

Just wanted to ask for recommendations on girths that are most comfortable for cobs?

OP posts:
DraughtyWindow · 04/10/2021 12:51

Try a Stubben Trevira cord girth? They don’t rub at all and are pretty wide. Sweat absorbing too.

Sarahlou63 · 04/10/2021 22:10

Assume ulcers - horses don't generally object to girths unless there's current or remembered pain. Scoping is expensive and not always conclusive but lots of horses have ulcers (I read somewhere that 90% of racehorses have them??) so treating that would be my first port of call.

What do you feed?

DotBall · 05/10/2021 19:25

My sensitive gypsy cob was much better with a Wintec Chafeless girth but even better in a DLF narrow leather anatomical girth (my cob has a forward girth groove).

Astrak · 08/10/2021 22:50

Dilemma: keep DHorse at his breeder's exquisite private yard, to which I have "by (infrequent) invitation only" access, and thus infrequent opportunities for seeing/riding him or move to ad lib access on a less specialised, general, "mixed abilities" yard?
As will be already obvious, I'm a unreconstructed equine snob. However, my chronically poor mental state is fast going downhill. Not being able to see DHorse is causing it to decline even more .

Sarahlou63 · 09/10/2021 17:48

@Astrak - would be a good idea to start a new thread, either in the Tack Room or Mental Health.

But it's a no brainer - move your horse ASAP. He's yours, you should see him as much as you want. What's with the "invitation only" bollocks??

ZooKeeper19 · 09/10/2021 21:19

@SamMil ulcers, I second that. Have him scoped if the insurance covers this.

Does he have ad-lib hay? Is he in muzzle? How much grazing does he get? Is he happy in his stable and in his herd? Does he have any vices, stress behaviour? How much is he worked? It's all this that needs to be looked at, I'd leave the tack as the last option and focus on the other questions.

SamMil · 09/10/2021 21:47

Thanks everyone Smile

He is out 24/7. We have stables but they're rarely kept in. He's fed a handful of nuts/chaff in winter to add a general supplement to, but no hard feed otherwise. Not muzzled and a round bale of hay in field over winter. No vices and is generally pretty chilled.

Will look into scoping!

OP posts:
SamMil · 09/10/2021 21:48

Oh and he is only in very light work! The odd hack here & there at the moment.

OP posts:
lastqueenofscotland · 12/10/2021 10:57

110% scope for ulcers

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