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Wool western pad on an English jumping saddle

2 replies

CountryCob · 01/10/2021 13:02

Hello everyone. Having come back from a western riding holiday I was impressed with the effectiveness of the wool blankets used as numnahs. I don’t want to change my jumping saddle but they look like pads to me that would go under. Haven’t tried it yet and they don’t sell them in the tack shop to return! Has anyone used one of these wool saddle blankets under a gp or similar saddle? They were excellent at absorbing moisture and cushioning and despite a lot of riding I saw no horses with sores….

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dunkaccino · 03/10/2021 09:35

Can you just cut them to size? I can just remember carpet felt underlay stuff being used for a saddle pad - just cut to size and changed often (to let the other one dry out). Or even no numnah/saddle pad Shock

CountryCob · 04/10/2021 10:11

@dunkaccino, what a cool memory, it is was wool then the felt is a great plan as a sub layer. I was really impressed that the horses we were riding for 5/6 hours had cool backs in the wool whether it was rainy or hot. Helped that they were fit and well cared for but the tack must help. String girths too! On the fence as the wool ones are quite expensive and it is experimental….

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