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Our horse has to get his tooth out

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mumontherun14 · 29/09/2021 17:43

Hiya. Just wondering if anyone has experience of this. Our boy has had a lump on his face which now turns out after X-rays to be an abscess. He is getting it lanced & drained tomorrow at the yard then to go into vet college near us for tooth removal probably early next week. He’s on antibiotics but pretty well in himself eating well & as normal. Any experience of this and the aftercare/recovery? He is my dds and in regular work & normally out at stuff most weekends mainly showjumping or pony club xx

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Ridingthegravytrain · 29/09/2021 17:53

Is it a front tooth or back tooth? Horses mouths heal really well and really fast. Obviously the root is longer on a back tooth

mumontherun14 · 29/09/2021 18:26

Back tooth think the vet said it was 106. He was going to attempt it at the yard but it was already cracked so he thinks it might fracas better to go into vet college with surgeons etc. Xx

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snowpo · 29/09/2021 21:57

Mine had a cracked tooth removed. They plugged it & I think the plug made it's own way out. I was supposed to flush it with salt water in a syringe but that didn't happen for long!
The problem is that over time the teeth on either side of the gap start to grow towards each other as there is no tooth in the middle keeping them apart. It means that food can get stuck in the gap. Dentist flushes it out when he comes & has said as he gets older & teeth get closer he may have problems with trapped food causing infection.
It was taken out about 8yrs ago & not had that problem yet. The only thing I noticed last winter is if I feed nuts it does look like he's having trouble with the nuts getting stuck. I just soak his food now.

CountryCob · 01/10/2021 12:58

I have an elderly pony who has teeth out at home with the qualified equine dentist. The roots are rotten on those so come out very easily. I have had a vet check them also. They heal quickly but once they are out I have found that the way the pony eats changes - she finds the other side of the mouth easier. Be careful about any gaps opening up to trap food, the dentist opens these up a little more so it’s less of a flossing situation. I have tried tooth brushing/ even mild mouthwash. Where we are now is the pony builds up food in one gum line and I flick it out with my finger regularly, we have an understanding and she lets me. I use the finger as I can be gentler and feel more….

cherrytree63 · 04/10/2021 22:01

My boy had two out last year by trans buccal extraction (through the cheek).
The gaps were plugged for a week, then the plugs were changed for smaller ones for another week.
Healed really quickly. Cost a fortune though!

mumontherun14 · 07/10/2021 15:23

Thanks for the replies. He's had his abscess drained and now on antibiotics waiting to go into vet hospital a week on Monday for the extraction. Just want to get it over with now. Defeintly going to be pricey - had a quote for £1200-1800 depending on what needs to be done when they get in to it . xx

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