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M&M in hand ridden

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duckduckswan · 23/09/2021 22:51

It’s been quite a few decades since I last went to a show but I’ve just entered dd(8) and her pony in a local show this Sunday and I’m feeling slightly nervous and unprepared. This might possibly be a daft question but it says that the lead rein should be clipped to the nose band but what does this actually mean. Also, haven’t got a leather lead rein, what should I be getting? Any other things to think about for this class. Want dd and pony to have fun and think if I feel like I know what I’m doing that might help!

OP posts:
RatherBeRiding · 24/09/2021 13:52

As far as I am aware the lead rein should be fastened to the rear of the noseband in the middle. (So underneath pony's jaw). I don't think it matters too much what kind of lead rein it is, so long as it IS a lead rein and not a lead rope!

moregingerbreadplease · 24/09/2021 14:32

Local shows are about having a great time, there will be people that have all the correct gear and those that have none - I wouldn’t worry too much about which lead rein you buy - Facebook marketplace is a good place to look if you do want one, or the ascot ones are good think you can find these on eBay.
Clip the lead rein on the back of the noseband, not the bit.
Have a great day and hope your dd enjoys herself!

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