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Companion or Ridden

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Seventimesaday · 26/06/2021 08:14

I have found myself in a position where I need to buy a second pony to keep my own company.
I own my own land and stables.

I definitely don’t want to have a livery or take on a loan pony. I would consider a re home from a rescue centre but they are all currently large cobs near me, I am looking for something smaller.

I work 3 full days a week. Live ten minutes walk from the stable yard. No kids, non horsey husband, who is capable of mucking out, bringing in etc.
Would you go for a small companion or a second ridden?
My lad is great in the school, but is nervous on roads and I can’t take him out on his own.
I am going to look at a 12.2 Sec B tomorrow, who apparently is great at everything. I am just under 8 stone and 5 foot, so think I would be ok on him? This seems like a good compromise at the minute, but am I deluding myself?
If I went for a companion it would be 11/12 hh and I would still have the same amount of yard work to do..

What would you do, and why?

OP posts:
weaselwords · 26/06/2021 08:21

I’d get ridden. A lot of people get shetlands as companions, but they still cost the same in Vet’s bills. At least if it’s ridden you don’t begrudge the cost of a special diet or medical treatment.

lastqueenofscotland · 26/06/2021 11:15

I’d personally get 2 as I think they get super attached to just one other… sorry not helpful!
I’d personally avoid a Welsh a/b as they are so lami prone in my experience.

SamMil · 26/06/2021 11:24

I'd get another ridden Smile Like you said, youd have to pay for 2 anyway and you could get something that hacks nicely. Also means you can ride them both out together if you have any horsey friends.

Another benefit is that if your ridden horse gets an injury or accident where he can't be ridden, you'll have another horse you can ride.

Footballcominghome · 26/06/2021 14:05

If you got a one/two year old could you spend time doing the ground work and end up with something you could ride/sell in the future?

Seventimesaday · 27/06/2021 20:52

Well, went to check out a 13hh ridden section B today. She is now in my stable on a two week trial!

OP posts:
Didicat · 29/06/2021 22:17

@Seventimesaday congratulations, surely a photo is required!

Also was about to say ridden and then you could if needed have someone part share the pony to cover some of the cost but you keep control and not beholden to anyone.

TheFnozwhowasmirage · 03/07/2021 19:19

Hurrah! You'll be fine. I hope that it works out and you have loads of fun.I rode our first dpony who was a Welsh C 13hh and I'm 5ft 8. Now both DDS are on horses and I'm riding DD1's 27 year old ex event cob who is 14.1.

Trivium4all · 05/07/2021 19:00

Congratulations! Having a ridden companion is nice, if you have a friend visiting who might like to go for a hack with you!

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