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Daughter pony mad! Advice

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Amielondon23 · 14/04/2021 08:36

My daughter 6 is pony mad. We’ve done a couple of lessons and she’s hooked!
I love horses but I am not from the horse world. We are never going to be in a position to ever own a horse.
Is it fair to encourage my daughters hobby if at the end of the day she will never own her own pony?
I’m happy to take her to lessons and horse events.

Also if we do continue with lessons what kit do I need to provide?
I don’t want to rock up at the stables head to toe in Harry hall and a crop and look like a right city dick!
What basic stuff should I get for her? Is a body protecter a good idea?
Opinions on second hand kit?
Thank you in advance

OP posts:
Lexilooo · 22/04/2021 11:21


I certainly wouldn’t push it. This has been completely her choice.
I also would only want it to be a hobby- not sure how it could be anything else.
She is very much free to change her mind although I think she’s caught the pony bug!

It can very much be more than just a hobby!!!

I came from a non-horsey background and was in my 30s before I could afford my own horse. My sister and I had a wonderful time as children and teenagers having riding lessons and helping at the stables. Of course we wished for our own ponies but like all the other kids at the riding school that wasn't possible so we loved and looked after the school ponies and read all the pony books and dreamed. I am glad my parents supported my hobby, it is a huge part of my life now, just a hobby but one that has hugely enriched my life and can continue to provide a healthy active lifestyle into old age (The Queen still rides aged 95).

As for how it can become more than a hobby.......... I paid for my nephew to have some riding lessons as a birthday gift when he was 5. He loved it, his Mum couldn't afford a pony or even weekly lessons, but he continued having lessons as often as possible, having extra lessons as birthday and Christmas gifts.

When he was 13 the riding school let him start helping out in exchange for extra rides so he could afford to ride more often. When he got a bit older they offered him a weekend job which he adored, and earned money from as well as giving him extra opportunities to ride. At 16 he signed up for an apprenticeship and left school to embark on a career with horses (still having never owned a pony). He is now riding and grooming for a top international/Olympic rider. He is paid to ride and care for horses that are worth five figure sums.

They say that if you love your job you will never work a day in your life. He works very hard and is very dedicated, it isn't an easy life but he loves every minute. So it isn't always just a hobby, it can also be a way of life or a career.
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