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Has anyone purchased a horse over Lockdown?

19 replies

CheshireDing · 16/03/2021 07:46

If so did you do it without actually visiting the horse?

Just curious as I have seen one I really like but obviously via cautious about purchasing this way.

OP posts:
lastqueenofscotland · 16/03/2021 09:00

I know some people who have. Personally I have bought unseen BUT
I used to be a work rider for racehorses as my job, it would have to be pretty psychotic for it to be too much for me.
It was a project I was never keeping
It was a straight from the track TB.

I’d not buy unseen for a long term horse. Sometimes the horse that’s perfect on paper you don’t click with. Also there are some dodgy as heck sellers out there.

FanFckingTastic · 16/03/2021 11:40

I bought at the end of November last year, so technically not during this last lockdown. We went and viewed in a covid-safe way. Buying a horse is such a personal thing - you either click with the horse or not - that I can't imagine that buying unseen would work for the vast majority of people.

Champagneandmonstermunch · 16/03/2021 13:09

I'd wait unless they are willing to offer it on a trial period, which I know some places have been through lockdown. It is hard enough buying a horse when you can go and see them, let alone without!

CheshireDing · 16/03/2021 21:47

This is a from the track TB too ! (Maybe it’s madness)😬

Did you ride when you viewed Fan or were you not allowed due to Lockdown?

Good idea re a trial, thank you. I will ask about that if I take it further.

I had a TB mare about 20 years ago, bought for £900 as her owner had got her from an auction off the track and was then too scared to ride her. She turned out to be the loveliest horse ever, I do worry no other TB can live up to her standard.

OP posts:
Lilybetsey · 16/03/2021 22:39

I bought at the end of November last year, I did visit and see the pony, but only once ...

lastqueenofscotland · 17/03/2021 00:00

I think with OTTBs yard makes a huge difference. Who are they with? I might be able to get some dirt Grin

The ones based in the racing towns- Newmarket/Malton/Lambourn tend to have seen a bit more normal stuff - traffic, groups of school kids making a racket, bins, people washing their driveways, joggers etc etc.
Ones based in complexes with their own gallops can often have led very sheltered lives and everything is new and terrifying.

Also if they have race form you can check for comments like “Didnt settle” “took keen hold” “ran on and off the bridle” all code for “will rip your arms out.”

If it’s on a yard now in full training there is limited point trying it (imo...) as it will probably not be being turned out, being fed the horse equivalent of monster energy and Mars bars, and is also being dealt with soley by professionals in a strict routine.

I find they are completely different horses removed from that environment. I’ve seen quiet ones grt upset without the military routine of a 200 horse yard and sharp ones settle down with daily turnout... so it’s really hard to say.

lastqueenofscotland · 17/03/2021 00:03

Also if it is in full training it will need a letting down period so a trial is a bit redundant. I absolutely swear by just chucking them out for 2/3 months and letting them rough off, put on weight and forget everything.

TooManyAnimals94 · 17/03/2021 00:05

I know people who are looking at horses currently. They have been going on to yards and riding the horses. Not sure if it's allowed but the dealers snd the private sellers they're going to seem fine about it.

maxelly · 17/03/2021 01:43

As Pp said I don't think it's strictly within lockdown rules but people seem to be viewing horses including riding, even travelling well outside their local area to do so with no trouble. So I guess it's up to you, in normal circumstances I would say never buy unseen, too many pitfalls, but an ex racer you plan on reschooling could be an exception for all the reasons LastQueen says in her excellent post.

Even so, I think if it's a horse you intend to keep in the long term, personally I would prefer to meet him/her before committing, just to assess whether their looks/conformation are what I like and gauge as much of their personality as possible (bearing in mind it can change a lot when they're out of training/reschooled of course). Even a horse which isn't costing much in terms of purchase price is still a huge investment in time and money so not something I'd rush into, lockdown is ending in the next few months and there isn't exactly a shortage of ex racers so unless this one is particularly special for reasons you haven't mentioned I'd probably wait to be able to view...

CheshireDing · 17/03/2021 07:53

Thank you all, excellent comments and given me more to think about.

I definitely cannot visit him at the moment as he is in Wales (so also not on one of the busy yards mentioned above). I have been told he has experienced all settings/traffic etc, but it’s going to be a lot quieter in Wales than Newmarket I guess ! 😂

I will ask for his race name to look him up too and might pm you Queen, thank you.

There is nothing particularly special about him other than he really caught my eye, but yes there is a constant source of ott TB’s so there could be another 20 which also catch my eye 😂

OP posts:
lastqueenofscotland · 17/03/2021 09:02

Feel free to ask any questions about the yard etc when you find out Smile

FanFckingTastic · 17/03/2021 12:28

@CheshireDing When I bought I visited the yard twice and rode both times. Slightly different for me because it was before the Christmas lockdown and the yard that I bought her from was relatively close to me. When I went I wore a mask (as did the seller) and we made sure to keep our distance. I took anti-bac wipes and gave the tack a once over before I touched it. Not perfect I know, but we tried to take precautions. Hope that it goes well for you :-)

Biddie191 · 17/03/2021 12:35

It really is worth trying to find someone who works on the yard, who knows the horse. The trainers are generally very good if you contact them and ask questions, but often know the horse's abilities very well, but not necessarily the temperament and how it is in the stable. There are a few fb pages where you can find info out, if you have the race name you can go on and type the name in, then you can find the hose's form, and videos to all of it's races.
As said above, full turnout and letting him learn to be a horse makes a huge amount of difference, and don't worry too much if they look very lean, as they are fit and will look far slimmer than show horses. Don't be tempted to pile the food in quickly to put weight on, as it can cause issues both mentally and physically.
For reference, I worked in Newmarket for 6 years (many years ago) I now have an ex racer, had 2 previously, 1 was fab, other I just couldn't get on with. Now living in Wales (and interested to know where this one is at the mo!)

CheshireDing · 17/03/2021 12:44

Thank you Queen I have found out his name etc so will pm you.

OP posts:
CheshireDing · 17/03/2021 12:44

Biddie he is in Pembrokeshire

OP posts:
Biddie191 · 23/03/2021 09:35

So, did yo find out any more?

CheshireDing · 27/03/2021 09:26

Hi Biddie I did find out a lot more yes.

Queen was amazing and looked him up for me and gave me so really good info. I was going to arrange a stage 2 vetting but have not heard back since mid week. I have not chased the seller as he has been seen more recently wind sucking and cribbing in stable and out. The seller has said it’s a new thing (and I do think it may be stress as he’s just finished work after years and now on new yard etc) but what if he got kicked off my yard for eating the stable and fences 😬 (I don’t know if he would just thinking aloud)

He has an absolutely darling face and in all other ways from the info I have been given seems absolutely lovey but i don’t have any experience of those issues. I have read a lot recently and there seems to be no categorical answer as to whether if it’s a recent thing that he would stop with maybe a safe home, new work, routine, toys in his stable, turnout a lot. I just don’t know.

But otherwise he seems a darling 😬😬

Am mulling things over at the minute in my head.

Any thoughts appreciated from anyone 😀

OP posts:
Biddie191 · 29/03/2021 17:56

Hmm my TB mare occasionally cribs, doesn't windsuck, it tends to be when she's n the paddock without much grass (we have a turnout area for when it's very wet which is hard standing - they have plenty of hay, but she never eats as much hay) - luckily it is our own place, so I just creosote the rails and she leaves them alone. She's not in there often, she's turned out the majority of the time in the field, but she doesn't do it n the stable (well, I don't think so, but the doors have metal strips, so wouldn't see if she does, and if it's eating wood she wants to do then there isn't any she can get hold of). It can cause issues, especially with windsucking, but there seems to be a conflict as to whether it causes ulcers, or a horse with ulcers is more likely to do it (pain / stress / coping mechanism) so..... If it was the ideal horse otherwise I'd probably risk it, but if it's a horse I'm not really certain of, I'd probably see if I can find something that doesn't!
Do keep us informed!

lastqueenofscotland · 29/03/2021 18:16

A horse that’s been in training as long as he has OP I’d be worried cribbing was a symptom of ulcers. So I’d guess it would be down to how comfortable/confident you would be managing that issue

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