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Have to sell pony and struggling with it all

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Josettegrey · 14/03/2021 08:51

Unfortunately after 6 months dd’s new pony is just not working out. She’s a dream pony in many ways to handle, look after and has an impressive CV etc but when ridden she is sadly proving a bit too much and sharp for my novice daughter. They have some good days and days where she’s very sharp and my dd cant relax and things don’t end well. You just don’t know what side you are going to get iyswim

As the person that has done the brunt of the work I’ve formed quite an attachment to her. The idea of not seeing her everyday breaks my heart.

My heart says put her out on Loan for a year but my worry is she may then come back a different pony and I would have been better off selling. my head says sell as I need the money to fund a new pony and I can’t justify dipping in to savings to fund.

OP posts:
MyCatLovesFish · 14/03/2021 09:48

I'd say sell. You presumably bought the pony so your DD could enjoy riding. That has not worked out.

If you put the pony out to loan what is the plan? For your DD to have more lessons and be able to cope with the pony better when she returns? Is that realistic? Only you know.

If the loan plan is just avoiding facing up to the issue then you really should sell. Not only does it make more financial sense, it is kinder to the pony to find her a good long-term home than sending her off with. stranger for a year, bringing her back to you and then possibly selling her anyway.

Teetreat · 14/03/2021 09:54

I would say sell too. I know it is heartbreaking but there are a lot of great pony clubby families out there who would love and look after her, and hopefully be able to appreciate who she is with a more experienced rider.
I completely understand how you feel though, as I still have my children's old pony.
Ponies are expensive hobbies. They take over your life, heart and bank balance. If you loan her out you might end up with two lots of expense.
I say be as careful as you can be to find her a good home. If you're not PC members it would be worth at least looking on websites of the local branches and perhaps advertising there.

Josettegrey · 15/03/2021 14:11

Thank you for your comments. I think you’re both right. She is the loveliest pony and she has really settled and has transformed so much, but she just doesn’t click with my daughter.

OP posts:
krustykittens · 15/03/2021 15:24

i also vote for sell. Riding is supposed to be fun and it doesn't sound like either are happy. Let the pony go to a good home where she will have lots of fun with a more experienced rider and look around for a best friend for your daughter, maybe not the flashiest or one with a fantastic competition record, but one who will let your daughter do things at her own pace. You might find a swap at pony club?

Josettegrey · 15/03/2021 17:57

We have actually, today, found a gelding that’s been there done that - essentially now a happy hacker able to pop a small jump. My dd has lost so much confidence riding her current pony that I feel like we have to go back to the beginning 😬 it’s just a horrible feeling when you’re attached. I’ve had various ponies and horses in my life and been sad when they’ve been sold, but there’s something about this pony that’s made an impression on me. She deserves a different home and I’m going to be vetting them considerably

OP posts:
TheFnozwhowasmirage · 15/03/2021 21:13

Please don't feel bad about it. We have had a wonderful loan pony for Dd1 for 5 years,he was the pony that everyone wanted,could do anything,in his prime he was the PC dressage to music national champion,but he was also quite happy bringing in the sheep on the farm. We always thought that Dd2,who is a far more confident rider than her sister,and has always had sharp,fizzy ponies,would move up into him. But they just didn't gel together. I don't know what it is but they just don't get each other,it's nobodies fault. So he's still with us at 27,semi retired but likes the occasional hack,and bomb about the fields. So now I need to find two new horses. Good luck with the gelding,and if your mare is over 15 hands,send her my way!Wink

Floralnomad · 16/03/2021 21:37

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter one jot how much you ‘vet’ a new home as once the pony is sold it’s out of your hands what happens to it unfortunately. Hope the next pony works out better .

SansaSnark · 20/03/2021 08:17

Loaning can be just as much of a minefield as selling - there are some real horror stories out there.

If you want to ensure the pony's future then you need to loan, either close by or from your current yard and check up on the pony regularly. If you need to sell, that is fine too. Some ponies just don't click with some people and that's OK.

It must be tough for you if you have a bond with the pony though!

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