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How much do riding boots stretch?

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Lilybetsey · 09/02/2021 18:12

I have just bought a pair of long black broginis. I’m short with fat calves so I bought the widest available, I can do them up, but only just over my jodhpurs and I can’t fasten the top on either side. Will they stretch !? Or should I send them back ?.

OP posts:

HighlandCowbag · 01/08/2021 20:40

They might be a bit welly like tbf. I bought mine in a tack shop local to me, they used to be the manufacturer of them so had lots of stock in there. Mine were a bargain at £50 as last pair. My dd is an 8/10 and I think they would swamp her.


LaPufalina · 01/08/2021 20:47

Thank you! Gah my pesky ankles 🤦‍♀️


HighlandCowbag · 02/08/2021 08:23

I hate new boots tbf. I want some more woofwear muckers for yard work, been out of stock everywhere for months. Have just bought a cheap and cheerful pair of joddy boots to put me on, they will be really comfortable when I've wore them in I think. But it's the wearing them in bit I hate.


logincard · 02/08/2021 17:04

my yard boots are wide calf fit Dubarrys. seriously awesome - almost 8 years old, worn +++ and still waterproof


CountryCob · 02/08/2021 22:22

I had a pair of chaps I was promised would stretch which I could only just do up, they never stretched enough as the zip would just go down again, so in my opinion they should be tight but if you can barely get them on send them back

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