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Grass livery

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CosmicVagina · 22/10/2020 12:15

Doesn't anybody keep their horses out any more?

I'm on the south coast and grass livery is impossible to find. I want to ride (so retirement places wont take me) but dont want my horse stood in a stable all day/night/24*7 because the fields are wet.

Where did all the muddy fields go? One place quoted me £50 a week for grass livery, DIY, stable for emergencies but that was chargeable on top! Bloody hell

OP posts:
RatherBeRiding · 22/10/2020 13:01

It's very hard to find grass livery! Probably because for farmers and livery owners it isn't cost effective to make that much grazing available. If you are prepared to search try local agricultural agents who might have grassland to rent, but be prepared for no electricity, no water connection, no fixed shelters.

I advertised for grazing to rent far and wide and chanced to find - by pure luck - through my network of horsey folk two small fields to rent attached to a local very small, select and hitherto completely unknown to me livery yard! (The best yards often don't advertise and rely on word of mouth). It's perfect. My horses live out 24/7 with masses of natural shelter and fixed shelter should they need it.

They're happy, I'm happy - rarely if ever rug up these days unless horrendous weather is forecast.

If you have local FB groups its worth advertising on there constantly - you might get lucky and find some grazing to rent. But I agree it's like rocking horse poo!

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