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Loaning trial etiquette

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MyBeloved · 30/09/2020 13:38

hello all

I have a few horses to view for share loan and wondered, hypothetically, what would happen if I wanted to trial more than one at the same time? Would it be really bad etiquette to do this? I want to make sure I make the right decision. I don't mind paying for the time I am trialling.

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Pleasedontdothat · 30/09/2020 15:31

Do you mean trialling with a view to sharing or trialling with a view to full loan? If you’re just looking for a share for a couple of days a week then it’s really nobody else’s business what you do for the rest of your time. However if it’s a more formal arrangement like a loan then it would be courteous to let the owner know you’re not committed to their horse yet as they may have other people who are interested and it might be better for them to deal with one of them

Pleasedontdothat · 30/09/2020 15:32

Or do you mean just going to have a look at then and try them out? There’s a difference between trying them out and trialling!

maxelly · 30/09/2020 17:06

Yes if you mean just going to view and have a chat with the owner, maybe a supervised 'trial' ride, then I think that's fair enough to be seeing/considering more than 1 at the same time, probably most people do.

If you mean starting a extended trial period of say a month of sharing/part-loaning before committing long term, I think it's more questionable. If the owner is going to be putting a lot of effort into showing you round yard, explaining/demo-ing how they want jobs doing, explaining the care, quirks, routines of the horse and all their stuff, introducing you to yard people, showing you hacking routes, supervising your first rides (all of which and more I do with my sharers, it's quite a lot of effort for me at the start albeit it pays off in the long term), I think I'd be quite miffed if the person turned around and said thanks but I've found another horse I prefer - of course that's the risk you run with sharers, they can cease the arrangement at any time for any reason, and I'd feel differently if their circumstances changed or they want to stop because they really aren't getting along with the horse. If you weren't upfront with me that you were 'trialling' several horses at once I might be pissed off and feel I couldn't trust you TBH, but on the other hand if you said that's what you were doing I probably wouldn't agree to the 'trial' in the first place so I can see your dilemma!

I think probably for anything more than single/initial meeting with the horses owner, you do need to be honest with them with where you are at, or you risk being called a timewaster or a joy rider (this does happen when you have a horse for sale or loan, people turn up sometimes multiple times with no intention of taking the horse, they just want a free ride/lesson for themselves/their kids. You even get CFs asking if they can ride the horse at a show (not comp horse, average kids pony) or take it on a month's trial so their kid can go to PC camp Shock. Not saying you are remotely comparable to this but owners can be a bit on the defensive if they've had this kind of experience!

MyBeloved · 30/09/2020 18:36

Thank you, all. That has been very helpful!

maxelly I can't believe there are people out there who are that cheeky! Crikey!!

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