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Julip horses

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myrtlejumble · 12/09/2020 00:00

I seem to have discovered a menopausal regret for all the Julip model horses I loved and lost before. If anyone has a collection of Vintage Julips and prefers hard cash to model horse, I would be glad to oblige . Think I am entering second childhood, please message

OP posts:
ApplestheHare · 12/09/2020 08:51

That's really nice OP. I've recently given my old collection of toys to my dd and have loved enjoying them with her again. Have you looked at any of the bundles on ebay - e.g.

myrtlejumble · 12/09/2020 16:08

Thank you. only want the very old ones and they are quite hard to find and expensive. Just wondered if anyone had any they would consider parting with for a good sum of money

OP posts:
ApplestheHare · 12/09/2020 20:46

If you're happy to spend a good sum it looks like the old ones are available online Smile

Lilybetsey · 13/09/2020 12:17

I had lots as a child, and sadly I don’t any more ! Good luck with your search x

myrtlejumble · 13/09/2020 13:07

Thank you. I used to love them too

OP posts:
Wiggleinherwalk · 16/09/2020 10:24

Still have all mine in the loft at my Mum's house, hoping I have my own DD to play with them one day. Remember vividly my mum came into a little bit of money and let me pick anything I wanted from the catalogue for my birthday - spent a whole week weighing up all the options before I decided on the stable.
Hope you find what you're looking for, such lovely nostalgia!

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