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How cheeky would this be

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GeraniumDreams · 08/08/2020 22:43

Looking at a pony for my keen but novice, nervous child (9) and I to share. Thought I’d found one, we had a good viewing and her passport confirmed she’d spent long periods in the same home, other than her most recent one (she is being sold by a well thought of dealer).
I was all set to take her subject to vetting, but googled and found her last sale advert which, although mirroring most of what the dealer had said including impeccable stable manners, described her as “second pony, typical of breed so NOT a novice ride”.
DS is absolutely a novice rider and has had frights in the past, so the last thing I want to do is over horse him. Would it be awfully cheeky to text the previous owner (their number is still visible on this advert) and ask for a chat about the pony? Just in case their idea of second pony behaviour and mine don’t match up? Or should this be enough to put me off? It’s been a long search to date...

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1984andout · 08/08/2020 23:38

Oh yes I'd do it. Most horse people would be happy to confirm what they know in the best interest of the horse.

k1233 · 08/08/2020 23:45

I'd do it too. I looked at an ex racehorse and called his racing trainer to see what he was really like. When I saw him he was extremely underweight, so of course was quiet. I needed to know what he was like when in good condition. I've had him 10 years, so it worked out.

I think most genuine horse people want what's best for the horse, so I wouldn't think they'd be upset getting a call to check pony is suitable.

bodgeitandscarper · 08/08/2020 23:53

Definitely best to find out all you can before purchasing, while many wanting to sell wont outright lie, they will often say what they think you want to be told. The right pony will be out there for you both, it's worth waiting for it.

lastqueenofscotland · 09/08/2020 08:20

Who is the dealer? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to put it here.
I’d be wary of any angelic child’s pony with a dealer, they usually go by word of mouth.

GeraniumDreams · 09/08/2020 10:58

@lastqueenofscotland will PM!
Texted and the previous owner called for a really good chat. It was incredibly useful.

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