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I have my own!

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LivingMyBestLifeNOT · 02/08/2020 23:44

Just wanted to share my news. I took on a rescue pony last weekend. She is absolutely amazing and words cant describe how much I love her .She is a 14.2 piebald. The sanctuary said she rears slightly if you walk ahead while leading and she tries to bite when doing up her saddle.

One of my best friends has a yard that I was sharing a pony with and is now giving me a good livery fee per month.

I am so grateful to be able to provide a home for her. I have ridden her on 3 hacks and tonight cantered her out on hack and she was amazing. I love her so much.

Never thought id be able to afford to keep my own but my friend is giving me cheap livery and insurance isnt as bad as I thought. I have her on on 4 week trial and then have to give them £250. I am over the moon with her!

OP posts:
HappyGirlNow · 03/08/2020 00:57

That’s amazing! Congratulations 💕

Bowerbird5 · 03/08/2020 01:16

Lovely to read your news. I remember how I felt with my own pony. Later on I had another for my children. Strangely she was almost identical but smaller.

Teach her to walk out every day walk by her shoulder. A small reward each time she behaves. Make her stand up like you were showing her. Ten minutes every day will reinforce what you want.
Biting. Do up the girth loosely and then adjust it. Doing the girth up straight away can sometimes nip the horse or just give it a surprise. Spending an extra five minutes can make a difference. I would also try different girths if you can as that can make a difference. Check how it lies is it too near the shoulder and look afterwards has it rubbed more than sweat. Ask your friend’s opinion if she is more experienced.

You could end up with an even better horse by spending a bit extra time sorting out these vices.

IAmTheWaiting · 04/08/2020 16:04

Congratulations! Rearing in hand can just be a confidence issue, my girl was the same but she quickly resolved with lots of firm, calm handling and bonding time with us. We did use a Monty Roberts dually headcollar in the beginning but didn't need it for long at all. Enjoy your new baby :)

LivingMyBestLifeNOT · 04/08/2020 19:47

I have spent every day with her, grooming, leading and riding her. She has been amazing and I haven’t seen any of the things mentioned by the sanctuary. She now walks into the stable without stopping. She is truly amazing!

I have my own!
OP posts:
Millie2013 · 04/08/2020 19:53

This is so lovely to read, I hope you have many happy years together ❤️❤️

Cherrypies · 05/08/2020 21:06

This is lovely, what a star, best of luck Smile

Rosieposy4 · 05/08/2020 23:03

How lovely, wishing you lots of happy times ahead

hilariousnamehere · 05/08/2020 23:05

She's gorgeous! Congratulations 💙

Moanranger · 06/08/2020 23:55

Great to hear! I hope you have good times together & continue to grow your bond with her.

pinkhousesarebest · 17/08/2020 10:43

You look so happy. What a dream!

Sarahlou63 · 18/08/2020 19:17


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