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What to wear as a budget lead rein handler outfit for a local - I'll be six months pregnant

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PaddlingPoolWeather · 30/07/2020 17:41

My toddler DD is hopefully doing a little lead rein class and perhaps another fun class at a local riding school show on her lovely share pony

I've showed at a reasonably high level before so I know what's absolutely correct, but we don't have the budget for a proper lead rein outfit etc. The pony has black tack and a synthetic saddle, so although I think brown or oxblood boots would probably be better for a native DD is in a dark grey tweed with beige jodhpurs, maroon tie and black jodh boots

So what on earth could I wear? Again I know it's not strictly correct but often see handlers in their own riding wear, but I'll never fit in mine as six months pregnant and also my tweed is much lighter (or I have navy dressage wear which would be right either)

I have maternity office clothes which I think will be out of place. Perhaps beige leggings that might fit with riding boots and a smartish top?

OP posts:
PaddlingPoolWeather · 30/07/2020 17:43

This will probably also be the only show we do this year, and certainly while pregnant so don't want to invest too much in something never to be worn again!

OP posts:
LaPufalina · 31/07/2020 10:37

Do you have a partner (or know anyone) whose waistcoat might fit? I did fancy dress at 7 months pregnant and a waistcoat was quite good as could just leave a couple of buttons undone at the bottom.
I've not shown in lead rein classes so might not be appropriate, apologies if not! I might be from next season though Smile so I'll need to brush up (no pun intended).

Hollywhiskey · 31/07/2020 10:43

Buy second hand and sell on?

PaddlingPoolWeather · 31/07/2020 13:58

In theory a waistcoat could work, but I think if going for jodhpur style type things I could probably just get away with white shirt and tie anyway

Also DH's would drown me even now!

I had thought about a second hand outfit to sell on but they are very expensive still and I just can't justify the cost for one class locally with a two year old

I think I might try to find maternity jodhpurs and just white shirt and tie or something, or a tweed maternity dress!

OP posts:
PaddlingPoolWeather · 31/07/2020 14:08

Thanks for suggestions though! It's hard to know how correct others will be, I've never paid a lot of attention to handlers at local shows but I know what it "should" look like (which is out of my budget for now - if DD still interested in a couple of years we'd invest)

OP posts:
user1471505494 · 31/07/2020 19:03

Don’t stress about it. Wear what you are comfortable in and can run in. You don’t need the sort of outfits that are worn at a high level of showing. Any judge worth their salt should only be judging clothing in a best turned out class. Go and have FUN

Frouby · 05/08/2020 08:00

Charity shop for a nice skirt or trousers, and then a shirt and tie and either a waistcoat or gillet if you can find one to borrow. With a 2 year old at a local show and a bump as long as you look clean and tidy it won't matter. Waistcoat doesn't necessarily need to be tweed either, just a fashiony one will do. Check the mens section out in Charity shops, I've found loads over the years.

Dogwhistle · 05/08/2020 08:10

I think I'd go long skirt or even skirt suit if I could get one. Or even a summer dress.

What type of maternity clothes will you want anyway? Good old black trousers wouldn't look out of place with a shirt and tie.

What colour legs does pony have?

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