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Buying a pony...

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HedgeHogFoxBadger · 30/06/2020 20:56

I am just thinking abut this. Currently sharing a pony, pay £80 a month and can pretty much ride when I want. I have 3 girls aged 17, 13 and 5 (older 2 can ride) I work part time.
My friend who owns my share pony has space for my own one but I am not sure....
The cost, the commitment....

OP posts:
pandafunfactory · 30/06/2020 21:01

It's going to cost a good bit more. Will the girls help with the work?

FluffMagnet · 30/06/2020 21:04

Most horse owners I know work full time plus kids, but they are a tie. If you are keeping with your friend, you might be able to arrange to share duties and cover holidays, or pay for full livery for maximum flexibility (likely 4/5x your current monthly outgoing as a minimum mind). If you keep at your friend's yard for free/cheap, just consider what will happen if you are ever asked to leave. Can you afford to go elsewhere? Buying a pony is the cheap part! But I love mine to death and wouldn't be without them, even though mine are currently both field ornaments (one 30 y/o - ex-pony clubber - and a shetland companion).

HedgeHogFoxBadger · 30/06/2020 22:12

Thanks. Part livery will be £300 a month including basic feed, hay and straw...
plus vets fees, shoes and insurance

OP posts:
HedgeHogFoxBadger · 30/06/2020 22:15

Plus I feel I have a good bond with my share pony now after months of hard work! Im not sure I could give her up

OP posts:
LaPufalina · 01/07/2020 13:47

I totally get this. I have a similar situation and it's a heart over head thing. I'm sticking to head ruling for now (sharing!)
Can your girls ride the share pony or is the potential pony for them?

Polkadotties · 01/07/2020 21:34

Would you financially be able to afford unexpected costs. Mine had colic recently. Cost £350 for the vet to come out stick a hand up his bum and administer some injections. The excess on my insurance is £250 so there was no point in going through my insurance.

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