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Can I take my toddler to Tweseldown Horse Trials in a couple of days?

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Buggyinthemud · 03/03/2020 15:10

I used to event (at a low level!) and took my daughter to watch last year as a baby in her sling.

I'd never let her run riot as it would obviously be dangerous, and I wouldn't take my dog either as he might bark and distract the horses, but is it reasonable to take her in our muddy battered pushchair?

She loves horses, is always talking about watching them "jump" and we spent hours each day out in the mud and rain on all terrain.

I'm not sure why I'm worried but just wondering if it would be frowned upon? I was thinking of having a quick watch of the show jumping by the ring and then watching a bit of cross country from a good distance behind the ropes.

OP posts:
Buggyinthemud · 03/03/2020 15:11

I suppose mothers competing might take their kids with a friend to watch!

OP posts:
Lordfrontpaw · 03/03/2020 15:14

Those poor horses. I got they are found not guilty...

As long as she isn’t running amuck and you can keep an eye on her.

LaPufalina · 04/03/2020 06:34

I would, but then I put my eldest on a pony at 19mo Grin take snacks and something to quickly distract if you need to!

CaptainClover · 04/03/2020 14:25

Yes, of course it's fine. Loads of spectators and some competitors take their kids from babies upwards to events, not an uncommon sight.

maxelly · 04/03/2020 15:14

Most horsey events are very kid and dog friendly. In both cases you just need to have them under control and preferably not too noisy! Be prepared to move away from the horses if she gets upset/shouty and you should be grand!

Booboostwo · 04/03/2020 15:14

There will be loads of children of all ages about, I wouldn't think twice about taking her.

CountryCob · 06/03/2020 08:40

I agree you will be fine I have been bringing my daughter to horse trails since she was about 2, last year at Burleigh at 4 she had a seat at the nail biting show jumping finale, she went from Friday to Sunday, we got in to our seats she spilt lemonade over herself commented on a cloud shape, fell asleep though all the major player rounds and then woke up when Pippa did her lap of victory, which she enjoyed. At Belton when she was 2 she said that the lady going into the water jump needed to do “sharing” as she wanted a go. She does ride and has pony now. I would bring pushchair and plenty of snacks and drinks, a medium sized event which invites the general public probably best, Belton was ideal

CountryCob · 06/03/2020 08:41

Also maybe a picnic blanket when going to other events when mud finally goes away

MrsMozartMkII · 06/03/2020 08:43

Loads go.

Make sure you take waterproofs, a couple of fleece blankets (they dry quickest), and put layers on the child adds you never know what the weather will be doing!

Books, quiet toys, snacks, drinks.

Rosieposy4 · 06/03/2020 20:10

All cancelled at Tweseldown in case you hadn’t spotted it.

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