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Riding Hat too Tight

4 replies

LouMoo13 · 02/01/2020 19:28

Hoping someone has experienced similar and can advise. Had the same riding hat (skull) for about 6 years and is suddenly started hurting when I wear it, giving me headaches and leaving a red mark. My head can't have got bigger?! Confused Anyone has anything similar happen to them or am I just odd?!!!

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Astronutter · 02/01/2020 21:44

Whatever the reason for the hat feeling uncomfortable most manufacturers recommend replacing hats after 3-5 years, depending on usage and storage (unless you’ve had a fall or dropped the hat in which case it should be replaced immediately). The protective material inside the hat does degrade and/ or can be compressed by knocks over time, so the fact it feels uncomfortable would suggest to me that it’s potentially warping or been knocked; that in conjunction with its age means time for a new hat IMO.

Since this hat is no longer fitting comfortably I also would strongly recommend getting a new one fitted by a trained retailer, either tack shop or a stand at somewhere like Badminton H.T. etc (always good as multiple stands means generally you can try on loads of different brands, to just the 2-3 your average tack shop will stock).

LouMoo13 · 02/01/2020 23:07

Thanks that's good to know. It's crept up on me a bit how old it's got. Better get a new one then!

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WillingSpringTime · 02/01/2020 23:15

One of mine did this, it was very odd how one day it fitted and then it suddenly stopped. I hadn't fallen off in it so couldn't work out why it suddenly felt so tight. I just replaced it with a new one, which reminds me, mine is probably due to be replaced again now.

LouMoo13 · 03/01/2020 09:22

Thanks Willing, glad its not just me. Must be to do with them getting old. Hoping I can get a bargain in the sales!

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