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Farrier's!! Grrr!!

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OldSpeclkledHen · 30/12/2019 18:18

Farrier emails appointments through, so was expecting him today at 530pm ... so didn't ask the yard to fetch DH in ...
Got a text at 2pm from him saying "he's been to the yard, horse not in and he can't wait. He'll let me know later when he can fit her in"
WHY make an appointment to then not keep to the time/change at the last minute?! We all have busy lives and plan around appointments
He's a very good Farrier, but with the arrogant...
Am prepared to be slated for moaning (we need them more than they need us) but I just need to vent 🙄🙄
FWIW DH is normally stabled with clean feet

OP posts:
Ellybellyboo · 31/12/2019 08:41

We have this with our farrier too

He’s great, the horses love him and we’re very lucky to have him but in all the years we’ve had him I don’t think he’s actually been on time

We were booked for 2pm yesterday - get to the yard, horses in, cleaned up and kettle on - turns up at 3:30pm. We’d given up and were getting ready to leave when he arrived

Time before that he turned up an hour and a half early - DD was out on a hack but on her way back and only about 5 minutes away but ‘horse not in, couldn’t wait’

Work and home are only 5 minutes from the yard - if he let me know he was going to be early I could do something about it

But, we have a massive shortage of farriers here, the horses know and love him, he’s a brilliant farrier and he’s a lovely bloke so we just sort of go along with it

RatherBeRiding · 02/01/2020 16:45

I've had my farrier for 12 years - wouldn't swap him for all the tea in China. He's absolutely brilliant with remedial work and in fact is just all-round fabulous. (And he is virtually always on time and if for any reason has been held up will ALWAYS call or text to say so).

However the farrier before him didn't know the meaning of the word reliable and completely missed the last appointment altogether, claiming it wasn't in his diary when I knew damn well I had booked it with his wife (who kept his diary).

Good ones - I mean REALLY good ones - are like gold dust, so I feel your pain!!

RIBlue · 02/01/2020 16:52

Mine is liable to turn up an hour early which generally means I’m only just getting her in and she’s muddy and feet not picked. I then get ‘jokey’ comments about the state of her. If I try and counter this by arriving an hour and a half early, he’s still right behind me!

Vanhi · 03/01/2020 19:58

I think I must be very lucky with mine. Gives me a half hour window, usually turns up in that window. My horse is easy to catch but hates standing in so I go and catch him as the farrier arrives.

Previous farrier could be a pain with re-organising times but I just told her that if she was later or earlier than she thought, she could go and get him herself since he's a good boy and she seemed fine with that.

GreyhoundzRool · 04/01/2020 09:38

I’ve been very lucky with mine. He lives 10 mins from yard so I always book first slot ( book it at the time before he leaves) So he’s always on time.

Occasionally I’ve had to had an afternoon slot to put a single shoe on or something but I always expect him to be late. By the time it gets to afternoon so many people Before me have Asked “ oh can you just look at ...” or someone is competing at the weekend so it’s “ can you just pop. A shoe on”. Same with the vet - it’s not always the farriers/vet fault blame it on the people that try to slot in an extra without booking

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