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Where do you buy your children’s riding gear?

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sweetkitty · 16/05/2019 23:19

Have been recommended Decathlon? Seems very cheap?
DD2 13 and DD3 10 have started lessons and are both loving them 6 weeks in now so I’m starting to think about getting them their own gear.

OP posts:
Wallywobbles · 16/05/2019 23:41

Decathlon's pretty good.

lastqueenofscotland · 17/05/2019 07:25

Decathlon is fantastic for the price

sweetkitty · 17/05/2019 08:29

Thanks planning a trip on Saturday

OP posts:
lizzielou80 · 21/05/2019 08:56

Equetech do lovely little kids jods. //

Lexilooo · 21/05/2019 10:04

Decathlon is good but check that hats and body protectors have the correct safety standards. Because they are a European company some of them don't have all the british approvals that you need. If you buy something that doesn't have the correct standard you won't be able to use it at the riding school.

For hats and body protectors it is well worth finding a tack shop with a qualified fitter. If you post your geographical area someone will be able to recommend somewhere good.

I have been very impressed by the fitting service at Hope Valley Saddlery if you are near one of their shops. Their website is good for clothing and their Somerford store is huge - really good choice.

PrayingandHoping · 21/05/2019 10:07

For a riding hat and body protector please go to a tack shop so they are fitted by a qualified fitter. An ill fitting riding hat is actually very dangerous

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