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Tell me what I need to know about studs please

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Pleasedontdothat · 11/05/2019 16:31

Dhorse is currently shod on the front but barefoot on the back and is very happy like this. Dd’s going to Pony Club camp in July and is hoping to compete for her branch. I know that most PC competitions are on grass so does he need to have studs? If so, does that mean he has to have shoes all round? I am non-horsey (although learning fast) and I think horsey people often assume a level of knowledge which I don’t yet have!

OP posts:
Honeyroar · 11/05/2019 16:35

If his feet cope fine at the moment working, then I'd leave him as he is and see how he goes. If he gets footsore or slips then you can rethink in the future. Or speak to the PC instructors who know where they're going for camp - they will know the terrain at the venue and the surfaces you'll be on, plus the work you'll be doing.

Pleasedontdothat · 12/05/2019 09:27

Thanks @Honeyroar - he seems absolutely fine at the moment, fit, happy and a picture of health. I just don’t want my ignorance to change any of that! And yes, I’ll speak to the PC instructors too

OP posts:
Mrsmorton · 12/05/2019 09:53

I wouldn't worry about studs until at least area level tbh. They're not easy peasy to use & unless doing super quick courses, Id say the risk is higher than the benefit.

Fazackerley · 12/05/2019 16:39

You definitely won't want studs for pony club camp if dd has to do the pony herself!

We use studs all round when competing as we've had a few slip over the years and it can knock their confidence quite badly. They are a complete pain though and I'd much rather not use them!

Fazackerley · 12/05/2019 16:41

I dont think you'd ever want studs in the front only, so if you decided to use them yes he'd have to be shod all round.

Is he balanced properly with only front shoes?

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