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How to not make the buyer feel bad?

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Sarahlou63 · 25/03/2019 21:30

I've had to sell one of my horses, he's leaving on Wednesday. I didn't want to sell him but, due to a routine thyroid operation which went wrong, I have to reduce the size of my herd (I will still have 6). The new owner is lovely - I've known her for 2 years and he's going to a wonderful home in Germany where he will be spoilt rotten and I'm really happy for her.

Problem is, I'm dreading seeing him go and she will be here and she'll feel rotten because I'll be upset. Argh. I can't see not him off but how do I manage my emotions? Any thoughts gratefully received.

How to not make the buyer feel bad?
OP posts:
Angie169 · 25/03/2019 21:49

It is good to know he is going to someone you trust , you are doing the right thing for him and you.
Can someone else be there to help the new owners get him ready to travel ( rugs /boots / etc ) and help to load him so that you can just go over to say goodbye when you are ready.
Your horse may pick up on your stress and the last thing you want is him been scared and hard to box .

Sarahlou63 · 25/03/2019 21:54

Just realised what a terrible photo that was!

How to not make the buyer feel bad?
OP posts:
Sarahlou63 · 25/03/2019 22:41

@Angie169 He'll be travelling for several days so going in a transporter, the firm are very good and they will load him.

Since posting I've realised it's not the horse going I'm upset about, it's the surgeon who's finger slipped or phone rang or whatever caused him to cut my vocal cord. It's because of him I won't laugh at Tido's funny face ever again. Bastard.

OP posts:
donajimena · 25/03/2019 22:45

Thats bloody shitty sarah Sad. Don't worry about showing emotion. I'd be far more concerned about a cheery goodbye when parting with a much loved horse.

azulmariposa · 25/03/2019 23:00

Don't worry about showing emotion! I'd be worried if I was buying a horse (one day 🤞🏻) and the owner was happy about it. I'd think that they were glad to be rid!

Sillybilly1234 · 25/03/2019 23:11

Sell one of the other 6 that you don't feel so strongly about.

Looks lovely by the way. I would struggle to say goodbye.

IncrediblySadToo · 25/03/2019 23:34

I am so sorry to hear about your vocal chord, that’s awful 💐 How are you coping? How long ago did it happen and is there any possible way to repair it at all?!

What’s the reason for having to reduce your herd?

It won’t matter if you’re a soggy mess, she’ll understand and at least she can reassure you that you know and trust her.

Be kind to yourself 🌷

Sarahlou63 · 26/03/2019 08:57


Op was in November and there is no cure. Speech therapy is helping my voice but it will never be a strong as it was so I can't run my business (communication training with horses) anymore and my breathing problems mean I can't ride any faster than a walk Sad

OP posts:
IncrediblySadToo · 26/03/2019 11:09

SarahLou Oh lovey, that’s awful. I am so sorry 💐. I honestly don’t know how you come to terms with that, but I’m sending you loads of strength & good vibes (in the hope there’s some benefit to that kind of woo!).

What you do is such a vocation, I really hope you can find a way of doing something in that area (training the trainers?) & that in time you’ll be able to ride at more than a walk.

I used to ride, but I can’t anymore (it was only a joyful leisure activity for me though, so nowhere near the loss you’ve had!). I take the DC to a riding school every week & get a little fix of horse, but it’s bitter sweet as I want to be riding myself.

I’m so angry & sad for you, there just aren’t the words.

TheInvestigator · 26/03/2019 11:11

I hope you are being compensated for the loss of your business and complete change in lifestyle!

CabbageHippy · 26/03/2019 11:12

why do you not ride with a hat OP?

Sarahlou63 · 26/03/2019 11:58

That's not me (wish I was that young and that beautiful!) - that's the new owner.

OP posts:
TheInvestigator · 26/03/2019 12:02

Then you probably shouldn't be posting her photo online....

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