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Loosing the plot: finding a loaner

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gentlegiraffe · 06/03/2019 06:43

Just wondering if you have a part loaner for your horse how you found them?
I've had several adverts out and found a paid one on NFED to be the best. I'm in no rush at all but my gosh the amount of time wasters, I'm at the end of my tether.

Some examples:

Arranging to meet then ghosting a few hours before
Arranging to meet and texting 10 min before to say they had changed their mind (id just come off nights and got up specially.)

I'm in no rush to find someone but I'm also in no place to have my time wasted either as I have a young family and work shifts, plus he really is a lovely horse.

How do you weed out the time wasters? I thought I was but clearly not. I've had 9 people contact me- not one yet has even seen him in person Sad

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lastqueenofscotland · 06/03/2019 17:50

What area are you in?

If you can be bothered dealing with messages from teenage daydreamers horsey pages on FB are a great place to find people

Moanranger · 06/03/2019 20:54

Have several conversations with them. Ask THEM lots of questions about their interests, abilities, and if expecting a financial contribution, then try to work out if they can afford it.
DO NOT rely solely on text messages, speak to them.
A lot of the time wasters have responded on impulse, and really are not in a position ( lack of time, inconvenient location, not able enough, lack of money) but they haven’t yet figured this out. Unfortunately, they do realise this AFTER they have impulsively decided to meet you. You need to weed them out beforehand. Good luck!

Doublechocolatetiffin · 06/03/2019 21:00

I’ve found all of mine through local horse Facebook groups. You do have to sift through and I’ve often had to advertise several times but have found lovely people in the end.

Booboostwo · 07/03/2019 09:57

FB is probably your best bet as it will include people geographically close to you. Have you also tried local RCs and yards in case someone there is looking for a ride?

gentlegiraffe · 08/03/2019 10:27

Thank you all

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