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Bhs courses, anyone knowledgeable?

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AllGoodDogs · 25/02/2019 19:54

So I'm considering doing a level one BHS course. I rode a lot as a kid / teen but only lessons, never horsemanship. I would just turn up and ride, never formally taught how to do the basics.

I currently ride my friend's horse so am doing more stable stuff - obvious things like tacking up, grooming, feeding, mucking out etc. All pretty basic manageable stuff but if I am ever to get my own horse I feel like I should be more knowledgeable on this stuff so I can make my own decisions. At the moment I just follow the owners instructions so don't need to worry.

The courses I found seemed to be aimed at training to be an instructor. Can anyone point me towards basic horsemanship / stable management / equine care type courses or does such a thing not exist? Thanks 👍

OP posts:
DraughtyWindow · 26/02/2019 13:14

Is this any good?

AllGoodDogs · 26/02/2019 13:53

Thanks draughty

I hadn't considered distance learning as there's so much hands on stuff with horses but will look into it. Have you used them yourself?

OP posts:
DraughtyWindow · 26/02/2019 14:32

No - I did my AI back in 1989 at Wellington Riding! I’m ancient now. Grin

DraughtyWindow · 26/02/2019 14:34

You can order Stages 1, 2 & 3 workbooks from the BHS - look on their website. Stage 1 & 2 Horse Care and Knowledge are not too onerous.

Pleasedontdothat · 26/02/2019 15:37

Dd did her Stage 1 care and riding last summer - she found it all pretty easy. You need to do the Ride Safe award first before you can get the stage 1 certificate, which again is pretty straightforward. As dd was under 18, she needed to do a course and get the instructor to sign off her Ride Safe workbook and we also booked her a couple of lessons at the centre where she was going to do the exam so she was familiar with the horses and environment. The horses you get for Stage 1 are ultra safe and not at all whizzy which dd found a little tricky as she’s used to her slightly bonkers and very fizzy Irish sports horse. She’s now trying to work out whether to do Stage 2 with the BHS or her C+ test with Pony Club - any thoughts from people familiar with both would be great!

lastqueenofscotland · 26/02/2019 16:32

I think they are a bit naff and sometimes the BHS way isn’t the best way, and doesn’t make allowances for certain yards and horses... I think you’d be better off getting some stable management lessons from a decent riding school

DraughtyWindow · 27/02/2019 10:09

I’d agree that if you don’t want a career with horses and just want to learn basic horse care, then do approach a reputable establishment. Hands on experience can never replace textbook learning. However, the BHS stages are a good foundation on which to base your practical experience. They use tried and tested methods and teach you the SAFEST method.

Moanranger · 27/02/2019 15:06

I agree withlast queen but taking the actual course can give you a grounding. They are meant to be training for those who work with horses, so you don’t necessarily need to take and pass the actual exam. I did Stages 1 & 2, but only own mine own so having the qualification is neither here nor there.
I thought the BHS had an owner focussed stable management course also.
Nothing beats hanging around yards & spending time with vets, watching them nerve block horses, do 5 stage vet tings, treat colic and all the other wonderful stuff your horse will require.

Moanranger · 27/02/2019 15:10

Please Stage 2 a lot harder than C+. In stages you have to ride unfamiliar horses, for PC you ride your own. You will also rock up at a testing centre, there will be a variety of other riders of varying ability and a rather ferocious unknown judge from BHS. It is quite challenging.

Squirrel26 · 27/02/2019 15:25

The BHS do a thing called the essential horse knowledge certificate - I haven’t done it, but it’s been run where I ride. I think that might be the stable management one, I don’t think any riding was involved.

I’ve done some of the BHS progressive riding tests (because they happened to be on offer). I’ve no idea if they are still being offered or where they fit into the whole assessment structure because they seemed to have disappeared from the website!

LeaCFBC · 03/03/2019 19:54

Personally, BHS methods are so old fashioned, they have hardly progressed in the 60 years since they were written, and nothing in their syllabus is even scientifically researched or proven, which is pretty ridiculous...for modern, scientifically researched ways of horse care please research Equine Ethology...the science of horse welfare. There are FB groups , excellent books and instructors, and the education is so much more in depth than anything else as it actually considers the natural behaviours of the horse , not just instilling very old fashioned human ideas onto horses Wink

pumpkin2012 · 30/03/2019 20:01

Have a look for the new BHS Challenge Awards, you can do them with your own horse. Information on the BHS website.

SnapesGreasyHair · 30/03/2019 20:40

I did the Progressive riding cert at my local stables

Lexilooo · 31/03/2019 13:34

BHS Horse Owners Certificate would be what you want rather than the stages which are more of a professional qualification. Lots of riding schools do the course, though it has probably changed its name recently when they updated all their qualifications. It is aimed at aspiring owners and the parents of children who want to own horses.

The BHS way isn't the only way but it is a good safe starting point.

Appymummy · 08/04/2019 06:52

The BHS have revamped their qualifications Over the past couple of years. However, I think for the OP you will best to look at the Challenege Awards and will be best suited for you if you don't want a career. There's lots of different things and you can pick and choose what level you want to do based on what you are comfortable with! Good luck Smile

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