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If you have your own land

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Fireinthegrate · 15/02/2019 13:55

If you have your own paddocks, what do you do with your muck?
Currently on livery but am looking at a house this weekend with 2 acres and a small stable block. The current owners don’t have horses.

OP posts:
TyrionsNextWife · 15/02/2019 14:02

When I had horses at home, there were a couple of neighbours with beautiful gardens so I would bag up the muck and give it to them. It was a win win - I got rid of it pretty easily and they got free fertiliser for their roses Grin

Sparrowlegs248 · 15/02/2019 14:05

Mine live out 24/7 so it is just muck. I have 2 muck heaps on rotation. Leave one to rot down while I use the other one. Sometimes people cone and take it away for gardens/allotments etc.

My friend kicks out into bags and puts it at the side of the road, proplectake it for free, bring the bags back. She's 6 horses, stables a lot hadn't had a muck heap for 7 years!

VeryLittleOwl · 15/02/2019 15:30

The smaller summer fields have a pile in the corner and get poo-picked, the 6-acre winter field and the hay fields (which they get to go on occasionally) it just gets chain harrowed in, as they won't be back on them for at least six months. They get cross-grazed with sheep to help keep the worm burden low - horse worm eggs can't survive a sheep's digestive system and sheep worm eggs can't survive a horse's digestive system.

ForTheTimeBeing · 15/02/2019 15:41

I also have two muck heaps on rotation and we harrow it in once it's composted. This works really well for us, but be aware that too high a percentage of woodshavings or straw is problematic. Some people pay a farmer to take the muck away, but it's much better to put all those nutrients back into the soil. It helps to cover up the fermenting muckheap and have some aeration.

moomin4071 · 15/02/2019 15:41

Find a farmer who does muck heap removals or buy/hire a trailer to be taken away once full. There are also skips you can hire for muck heaps

spinabifidamom · 16/02/2019 21:49

When I was a little girl my mom had a horse. The muck heap is used to cover up fermented or fermenting muckheap. Bags are useful too. Oh and a wheelbarrow. Is it possible to have someone do the task or not?

MaudeLynne · 17/02/2019 15:53

Chain harrow a lot, they poop in the same sour patches so rest stays cleaner. Also follow with sheep. When grazing is restricted (fat ponies) we poo pick - it's vastly overrated!!

Muck hill just gets scattered about the nearest field before ploughing.

gubbsywubbsy · 17/02/2019 15:58

I had this when I was young and just had a much heap like at a yard . I had two horses and it was fine . I kept it under control and stacked it so it rotted . Neighbours came and helped themselves .

Sarahlou63 · 18/02/2019 19:24

7 horses out on a paddock paradise track system, we poo pick twice a day. Local guy comes with a JCB about every 6 weeks and clears the 3 muck heaps. I suspect he sells it on but happy to swap it for the occasional bit of free digger work.

lastqueenofscotland · 19/02/2019 20:54

2 acres isn’t much so yo would need to have really good management of any muck.
Daily poo pick onto a much heap that the neighbors use for fertiliser (this is at my mums I live in the middle of the city)

Fazackerley · 18/03/2019 08:20

Poo pick one field and harrow another. Huge muck heap in the corner that is impossible to get to with a jcb so it will have to stay forever.

Ariela · 29/03/2019 11:36

We send what of ours we don't use ourselves over to the neighbours. A friend bags it up and has the local allotment people come with a trailer once a fortnight and take away bags. Another lot bung it outside the gate and it's taken by the locals.

Rosieposy4 · 29/03/2019 20:20

2 horses at home , out 19/24 hours. Poo pick fields daily. One muck heap but use sides on rotation, so currently on front, back is very well rotted and ready for use on our veggies and flowers. Give away a little but really not an issue at all.

thetemptationofchocolate · 04/04/2019 17:19

Ours is just by the side of the road so anyone who wants any can come & take it away. If it gets too large a neighbouring farmer will add it to his own muckheap (cows, so it's massive!).
If you don't know anyone who can take it away an agricultural contractor will remove it, for a fee.

landgirl1 · 02/05/2019 23:35

Round here it’s £120-150 to take away a normal muckheap in a 10ton trailer, most farmers have a waste licence so can move it legally

Honeyroar · 03/05/2019 21:57

A local farmer takes the muckheap away every few years (I'm a stickler for a tidy, well flattened muck heap). We have a huge winter field that they're on for 6 months and a even bigger summer field so we Harrow and rest for 6 months.

Jon65 · 03/05/2019 22:01

I advertise mine on freegle, bring your own bags to fill. Had the complete muck heap taken over 6 weeks two years ago, and nearly ready for another go!

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