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riding hats?

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iamboudicca · 31/01/2019 20:24

I have a new share pony. My nieces are very keen to come and meet her. I know they will want to have a ride. Share pony is very trustworthy and this will be fine. However they live a long way away and this is likely to be a one off event. What should I do about riding hats? They don’t have their own and mine is unlikely to fit.

I don’t really want to invest in new PAS015 hats for a short walk on the lead rein. I’ve not been at the yard 5 minutes and so don’t know anyone who I cna borrow off? Any ideas?

OP posts:
Theresahairbrushinthefridge · 01/02/2019 12:35

I bought an adjustable PAS hat. Lightweight. Great in hot weather for me. Suitable for others riding our ponies.

Not cheap but could be an idea.

iamboudicca · 01/02/2019 18:16

thats great, where did you get it from?

OP posts:
Theresahairbrushinthefridge · 03/02/2019 16:49

Gatehouse Air rider dial adjustable riding helmet.

I think when I bought it was cheapest from Amazon. £65. Not cheap but so useful. We have lots of kids riding our ponies. I wouldn't be without it now.

AllGoodDogs · 10/02/2019 21:18

If its a one off and they'll be lead rein then I would just wear either their own cycle helmets, or decathlon do children's adjustable helmets for £12

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