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Which horsebox floor?

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Labracadabra · 29/01/2019 17:35

We want to replace the floor in our 7.5 ton horsebox. I had always thought aluminium planks were the best thing (I had a floor replaced in a 3.5 ton about 10 years ago and this is what I had) but now I'm hearing various things about rhinoboard/resin ply - with or without aluminium chequerplate over the top - being better (as aluminium can still corrode). I am not trying to find the cheapest option, but the safest and comfiest for our horses. We may sell the box in the next year or two so I'd also like something that would be appealing to buyers. Thoughts? Many thanks

OP posts:
Asdf12345 · 29/01/2019 21:31

If it’s a 7.5 I would start by looking at the weight of the various options. We have been put off 7.5s due to payload issues with most on the market but ones with a decent payload seem to sell very fast.

Labracadabra · 29/01/2019 21:56

Thanks Asdf12345 we have good payload with the current marine ply floor (it’s about 5.7ton unladen). I know aluminium would be lighter but my only concern is which floor is the safest. I assumed aluminium would be less likely to corrode and last longer, but now I’m not so sure. But when you hear of horses going through floors it seems to be wooden ones!

OP posts:
Asdf12345 · 29/01/2019 22:09

We have cow mat on aluminium on big planks in the trailer, it’s sodding heavy however.

popcornwizard · 29/01/2019 22:11

We used a type of buffalo board in the trailer. Really tough with a non slip top, then rubber mats on top.

Labracadabra · 30/01/2019 07:00

Thanks both - yes popcorn I think the buffalo board is what was also described as to me as resin coated ply so that is meant to be good. Asdf with the aluminium over the wood planks, how do you check the wood underneath (because that is the reason some people don’t have the aluminium over the top, apparently).

OP posts:
Asdf12345 · 30/01/2019 11:52

From underneath when we service the ramp assist spring systems and brakes.

It gets a good look at underneath twice a year when the brakes get adjusted and the ramp mechanisms lubricated.

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