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Riders insurance

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cheminotte · 02/01/2019 19:08

DS (11) has been having riding lessons about once a fortnight for the last 6 months or so.
I’ve never ridden.
He doesn’t currently have any kind of insurance (unless he’s covered on our house insurance by accident).
What should he have - is personal accident enough? Does it need to be horse specific or will any do as long as horse riding isn’t excluded?
He never leaves the stables and they provide all equipment so insurance for kit etc seems overkill.

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
Pixel · 02/01/2019 20:57

If you join the British Horse Society you automatically get personal accident insurance. //

Pixel · 02/01/2019 21:00

Sorry, should have said that the stables should be insured, the high cost of it is the main factor in riding schools going out of business, I recently read that it's even happened to Hyde Park Stables! Anyway, doesn't hurt to have your own as well.

cheminotte · 02/01/2019 21:37

Thanks Pixel.
They have a notice up recommending riders get their own.
The limit is £10k, which doesn’t seem very much though.

OP posts:
Pixel · 02/01/2019 22:25

No it doesn't seem a lot but I just suggested it as the easiest option as it was what my sister did when her pony got too old to insure for vet bills and this way she could still ride other horses occasionally and be covered. She reckoned it was the easiest and cheapest option.

I'm not sure the others pay a lot more. For instance I looked at Petplan and that's the most they pay as well //
Also Animal Friends (which I only looked at because my cat is with them) do a rider's policy as well but it still doesn't pay out massive amounts, although they do pay more for permanent disablement so it could be worth getting a few quotes.

Sorry that's all I know really as my personal accident cover is included in my horse's insurance so I've never had to do a separate one. Perhaps some posters can suggest some companies they've found reliable? My horse is with Shearwater and I've found them to be very good when I had to make a claim and very helpful on the phone when I ask them stupid questions, if that helps at all!

Japanesejazz · 02/01/2019 22:32

Enroll him in your local pony club. Costs me about £80 a year for my daughters, their insurance is brilliant and included in the membership fee

SeventeenTwoChestnutMare · 02/01/2019 22:37

What a shame about Hyde Park. Horse riding is getting squeezed out of London slowly but surely Sad

cheminotte · 03/01/2019 07:22

Thanks all. I looked at pony club but the place he rides isn’t listed as one of their centres. I’ll give them a ring and ask if that matters. I’m not going to change stables just for that.

OP posts:
Pixel · 03/01/2019 18:04

Seventeen, according to the article I read the insurance premiums went up ridiculously high because cyclists make is so dangerous to ride horses there nowadays. I think it's terrible when the horses have always coped well with traffic before and they've got all those lovely rides in the parks that are probably now nothing more than extra cycle lanes. There should have been a crackdown on dangerous cyclists instead Angry.

Japanesejazz · 06/01/2019 23:28

Anyone can join pony club. My daughter is at university and our stables is not a registered pony club centre. Think, pony is in Leicestershire, daughter is in Yorkshire, pony club is in Nottinghamshire. Form is online, fill it in send it off with cheque, pony club don’t care if they never see you, but their insurance is amazing

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