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Which is better? Stable with unlimited turnout or grass livery?

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skintnotskinny · 18/09/2018 19:19

Dd’s horse is currently on grass livery but a stable at the yard will be available in a couple of weeks. Dd is worried about leaving him out 24/7 over winter as he hates rain (he’s got quite a thin coat courtesy of the TB half of him and is a bit of a wuss). On the other hand, I know a lot of vets feel that being put in a field all the time is much healthier.

WWYD? Horse is a 9 year old ISH who’s very fit and has no health issues

OP posts:
snowpo · 18/09/2018 20:11

I'd definitely have a stable of you have unlimited turnout too. Gives you the option to bring in if the weather is bad, especially if he's unhappy out in the rain. Did he winter out last year at the same place - do you know how muddy it gets, is he prone to mudfever?
I also like to bring in during the day in summer when the flies are really bad.

llangennith · 18/09/2018 20:46

DD now 42 has had various ponies and horses since she was 10 so I've had a lot to do with horses: albeit under sufferance!
Some horses just hate the rain. Nothing to do with their build, breed or coat. Others don't seem to notice bad weather at all. If you've a horse that is miserable in prolonged wet weather you need somewhere with a stable.

JontyDoggle37 · 18/09/2018 20:53

If you have unlimited turnout (really unlimited, not some throwaway promise by the yard owner) then grab that stable for gods sake. Whether it’s meeting your horse’s personal needs to not be out in the rain, having space to groom in the rain, or having a space should your horse have an injury/ colic, then that cost is absolutely worth it.

skintnotskinny · 19/09/2018 07:50

Thanks - I’ll talk to the yard owner

OP posts:
britnay · 19/09/2018 10:44

Agreed, if turnout it actually unlimited then you might as well pay for a stable, especially as her horse is a bit of a wuss :) Then you can just use it as and when you want.

Butkin1 · 19/09/2018 11:22

We would definitely go for the stable option. Great to have one in case the horse needs the vet, the farrier, just kept in to keep him dry ready to ride etc. That is on top of the fact that it's great to keep them inside during poor weather - remember all that snow we had in February/March !!

We give them grass turnout all year but from November to March they come in at night..

skintnotskinny · 19/09/2018 12:04

Here he is, contemplating the onset of winter Grin

He does love hanging out in the fields with his friends - as long as the sun is shining ...

Which is better? Stable with unlimited turnout or grass livery?
OP posts:
QuestionableMouse · 19/09/2018 16:02

Having the option of a stable is really useful, especially if you have an injury that needs box rest, it's too icy or wet to turn out safely or if you have limited time to catch, groom (dry or de mud!) And ride.

MakeAHouseAHome · 10/10/2018 21:21

Absolubte no brainer. Stable and unlimited t/o. In the winter mine are queuing up to come in by 3pm. But I am lucky that my y/o just brings in as and when they decide they want to come to bed.

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