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Can I ride in these...

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burnthebrassica · 12/09/2018 18:01

I'm going riding on the weekend as a treat which I'm super excited about, I used to ride quite a bit as a child but it's been a very long time (20+ years) since I've ridden and I have no idea what would be acceptable footwear. Obviously I can't afford to go and by some riding boots for a one off and I don't know anyone who I can borrow some from so I wondered if these boots that I use for dog walking would be ok to ride in, or is there something about them that will make the stables turn me away? Thanks

Can I ride in these...
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MiniLeopardInTheHouse · 12/09/2018 18:09

They're fine OP. They've got a small heel by the look of it, which is good. Just tuck the cord ties in to stop them flapping around or catching on anything. Have a great time - hope you're not too achey afterwards!

clatteringhooves · 12/09/2018 18:10

I think it depends where you ride. Our yard would reject them because of the cleated sole, but other yards I know would be ok with them. Have you asked if they can loan you boots when you ride?

WoolyMama · 12/09/2018 18:15

Our yard generally insists on smooth soles but will allow beginners or one off riders to ride in wellies or boots like that.

OrcinusOrca · 12/09/2018 18:18

I have never been on a yard that demands smooth soles, how weird. They look fine OP.

MiniLeopardInTheHouse · 12/09/2018 18:20

Many of us have ridden in wellies at times, which have similar soles, if just hacking out or moving horses between fields, but maybe check with them first? My attitude would be, within reason, let's just get you back on a horse after so long!

hobblesma · 12/09/2018 18:30

I rode in country boots all the time, so do DC. I don't know how yards operate as we rent land on a farm, but I would not be happy with a yard dictating what I wore

prettygreywalls · 12/09/2018 18:48

Ex BHS instructor here,
I wouldn't be happy with the soles , safety hazard they are not suitable for riding as they can interconnect with some stirrup iron tread patterns and stop you being able to remove your foot from the stirrup iron

burnthebrassica · 12/09/2018 19:00

Thank you so much for all your replies!

I'm being treated to 2 hour hack at a shiny new (and rather posh) yard by someone who knows the manager and they seemed pretty hot on their health and safety when I went to visit before they opened, so I have a feeling they won't like the tread either Sad I have some super old yard boots somewhere that I can dig out, will I look ridiculous in these though? I'm not sure what else I could wear?

OP posts:
WoolyMama · 12/09/2018 19:12

I'd check with the yard as they might be fine with them or be able to lend you boots.

Failing that the old yard boots will be fine or if you can manage it decathlon have cheap rubber riding boots for £12.99

Katnisnevergreen · 12/09/2018 19:21

I wouldn’t say the soles are too cleated. I have a similar pair I rode in and my short boots which are riding boots not country boots have a sole the same.
If In fount try ringing the yard?

burnthebrassica · 16/09/2018 20:05

Thank you all for your advice, I wore the ancient yard boots and had a brilliant ride on a gorgeous cob Smile I'm definitely going to ache tomorrow though!

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