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What Colour Ribbon

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WillowKnicks · 09/09/2018 11:38


My daughter is competing her pony at a VERY big show next week & wants to put a ribbon on his tail to show he's for sale.

I've read white ribbon but then also read that in the UK this means he's a stallion or even that he's from Lancashire (which he's not).

Anytime know for sure?

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 09/09/2018 12:37

White ribbons signify that a horse is for sale. Because it can be difficult to successfully advertise at a show, using a white ribbon is an excellent way to show that your horse is for sale. That way prospective buyers can see him perform in the ring, and know that they can approach you after the class if they are interested.

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WillowKnicks · 09/09/2018 15:34

Great, thank you!

OP posts:
Butkin1 · 10/09/2018 10:27

I presume that you're not in Britain because this doesn't happen here. You would never put a white ribbon in a ponies tail at a show.

Here we'd advertise him on the internet with mention that he's available to be tried at XXX show. Some venues also have notice boards so people put up adverts with photos and details - particularly if a multi day championship show.

Some of the biggest championship shows also allow you to mark in the catalogue with an asterix if they are for sale (although this is quite rare these days).

Butkin1 · 10/09/2018 10:29

By the way I'm talking about show classes. Suddenly thought you may be talking about show jumping or dressage which we don't get involved in.

DareIAdmit · 30/09/2018 14:42

If I saw a white ribbon I'd think stallion. Your best bet would be to put an ad up on a notice board and mention to the secretary so if there is a commentator it can go out on the tannoy.

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